Avengers Academy #10

    Avengers Academy » Avengers Academy #10 - Redemption Song released by Marvel on May 1, 2011.

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    In the middle of a class on ethics with the lesson plan on how to prioritize who to save first when multiple people are in danger, Veil lets a comment about Speedball's involvement in the Stamford, CT disaster slip and spends the rest of the issue trying to make amends, plus puzzling over how to also make amends for her complicity in her team's unauthorized attack upon The Hood. In an attempt to gauge Speedball's mood before outright apologizing, Veil sneaks into Speedball's quarter to spy on him, and catches him in the act of cutting himself with a spike from his old Penance costume.

    Also in this issue, Dr. Pym borrows Leech from his new role as an employee of The Future Foundation to have him spend a day with Hazmat so that his power draining abilities will let her have a break from her dismal life living in a containment suit. With Leech in tow, Hazmat gets to enjoy normal life for a day, going to the park and visiting her parents.

    Later, as a result of the Stamford reference, Speedball and Justice take the students on a field trip to Stamford, where they are unexpectedly attacked by a group of armored villains in Cobalt Man armor (Cobalt Man being one of the villains the New Warriors had tracked down in the incident that caused the disaster). The team defeats them with relative ease, though without Hazmat's help as she's still building up her power level after her exposure to Leech. Local law enforcement reveals that the Cobalt Men are fringe Norman Osborn loyalists who have kept the Stamford area under surveillance waiting for Speedball to return so that they might make an example and turn public sentiment back against him and superheroes in general. With the villains apprehended, the arresting officer, a Stamford native, speaks personally with Speedball, forgiving him and making sure to welcome him to visit the memorial statue, which he had previously been reluctant to do.

    As a result of her Leech-induced weakness in battle, Hazmat declines Dr. Pym's offer to have Leech return on a monthly basis, stating that she'll hold out for a permanent cure.

    At the end of the issue, Veil, still bent on forgiveness and having witnessed Speedball's publicly being forgiven, hatches upon a plan she's sure will clear her record. The issue ends with her sneaking into Dr. Pym's lab to activate the machine that was shown a few issues back to be containing The Wasp's scattered molecules.

    Guest instructors making cameo appearances in this issue include Dr. Strange and The Protector (Noh-Varr).



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    Worst Class Ever 0

    Cover:    I actually found this cover (finally relatable, though minorly, to the inside material) pretty funny.  I like the word bubble on it, gives it a nostalgic feeling.  Also, I like how Dr. Strange is rocking out.  The Good:  The pace, the realistic dialogue and characterizations; we can somewhat relate to a lot of these characters.  There's something about failed instructors (well, they're great teachers, just have done so many wrong things in their time) and teenagers full of angst that h...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    A Day Off 0

    While this issue is more focused on Veil and Hazmat, the first one trying to atone for her mistakes and bad judgment (joining the party to kick the Hood´s ass), the second one is looking for a way out, for hope of being normal again, able to touch somebody without killing everyone around her (it feels like a Rogue thing, but more tragic), there´re plenty of lessons for the teachers too, in special Robbie Baldwin, the Speedball - Gage brings the so commom thread of Stamford´s disaster to the tabl...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Review: Avengers Academy #10 0

    Veil accidentally says something hurtful to Speedball while Hazmat gets to enjoy an odd date with Leech, of all people.   The Good Sean Chen makes for an awesome fill-in artist. It's been far too long since I've seen his work and I'm really pleased to see how his style's evolved into such a solid state. I also enjoy how Gage allows these characters to be stupid sometimes. In a field full of idealized icons, it's refreshing to see characters blurt out stupids things sometimes simply because they...

    4 out of 6 found this review helpful.
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