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Avengers A.I. #9 Review –“Avengers A.I.-ssemble!”


Since the last time I reviewed this series, it’s been really fun. I continued to love every single issue so far and I hope it keeps going and doesn’t go away. The characters have a great relationship and it’s great that we are learning about every single character in the team. No character feels totally left out in this series. Doombot has officially become my favorite character. His arrogant personality makes me laugh all the time. He’s one funny character and he isn’t really trying to be. That’s what I love about him. Right now we are learning about Alexis. She seems to be interesting character and I’m really tuned in to learn more about her. Also, if you’re looking for a series that’s different than the usual Avengers than I strongly suggest you pick this series up!


While Alexis has been learning about herself with Dimitrios, the rest of the Avengers A.I. with Captain America and Rogue are looking to save Victor and Alexis on Diamond.

The Good

I really thought this was a great issue and I found that surprising because I thought having Captain America and Rogue there was going to damage the book. The chemistry they are giving really meshes well with the other characters. It really caught me by surprise because I was afraid it would turn into some Avengers tie-in madness and drive the A.I. characters away from the focus. But it’s not; Captain America and Rogue just feel like guest stars. Even though, this issue is action-packed it still did pretty well and we got to learn more Alexis. Plus there’s a return of a fan favorite character that would be a great addition to team.

The Bad

Even though, I have been getting use to the art it gets pretty inconsistent. Sometimes it looks really good and sometimes it doesn’t. There’s awfully a lot bad looking action scenes, I only I seem to like a lot is when Avengers A.I. characters assemble to some robot like thing that reminds me of Power Rangers. That picture looks really cool. I just wish they can keep the art looking good in each panel.


I give this issue a 4.5/9.5 out 5/10 stars. This issue has still made the series pretty good. I like that the Avenger characters have managed not effect anything. It still has the great humor, great story and action fun that this series always gives. Even if the art is inconsistent at times, I’m still enjoying this book. Also, if you’re a fan of Avengers Academy, then you would definitely love the return of the character in this issue and might want you to check this series out. But if you are a new reader you might want to get the last issue first because it’s a jumping on point and it make you feel lost if you get this issue. This is one series that’s worth checking out.

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