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Review: Avengers #8

When a bruised and beaten Red Hulk seeks the aide of the Avengers, his pleas alert them to the Hood's underhanded scheme to nab all the Infinity Gems.

The Good

I never thought I could appreciate an Avengers book with this many characters for its procedural qualities, but the investigations of both the Illuminati and Cap's Avengers were just as riveting as the Rulk's slug fest with the Hood. Bendis achieves such verisimilitude in these larger-than-life characters' affairs without sacrificing any of the over-the-top elements we love so much.

The Bad

As much I appreciate the looser line work and more cartoonist-like immediacy of JRJR's work, there were a number of figures in the final double-splash who seemed like they'd been rendered in a rush. Thor's cape stood out the most as not really making any sense in perspective or for the direction the gale winds that were visibly pressing down on the assembled Avengers.

The Verdict - 4/5

Even though the seven year stretch of mega crossovers has run its course, we're still seeing the loose threads of World War Hulk, Siege and Civil War tying together here in a way that's really intriguing. All too often, characters seem to go through some convenient amnesia after a big dramatic storyline, so I'm pleased to see that Cap's still rightfully-suspicious of Iron Man, even in the Heroic Age.

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