Avengers #503

    Avengers » Avengers #503 - Chaos (Part 4) released by Marvel on December 2004.

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    Doctor Strange introduces himself to the gathered Avengers and tells them that they are in great danger from a magical threat. He asks them if they know anyone who could have caused that much chaos. Ms. Marvel angrily exclaims that Wanda couldn't be behind their "bad day". The Avengers debate the situation amongst themselves; Firestar mentions the problems with Wanda's kids. Dr. Strange asks what happened to them. Beast explains that Wanda wanted children so bad, that she conjured two up. Agatha Harkness realized what they were and erased them from existence. Dr. Strange wonders why the Avengers didn't come to him when this happened. He tells the assembled heroes that magic powers ordinarily take great amounts of training to wield and control, but since Wanda is a mutant she was given her powers without having earned them. Ms. Marvel asks if the chaos magic can be reversed and their comrades be revived. Dr. Strange is confused, and the Avengers have to tell him about Wanda's recent chaos magic upgrades. Dr. Strange solemnly tells the group that there is no such thing as chaos magic.

    Strange tells them to forget that Wanda is a friend, and then describes facets of Wanda's history, relating to them the times when the Scarlet Witch lost control or acted evil. The Avengers are still divided on whether Wanda could be behind their troubles, so Iron Man decides there's only one way to find out and asks Dr. Strange to help them find her. Dr. Strange agrees but warns them about what they'll see when they find her.

    In flashback we see Wanda Maximoff and Janet van Dyne lounging by the pool at Avengers Mansion. Jan tells Wanda that she had a pregnancy scare, but fortunately she wasn't pregnant. She remarks that Avengers shouldn't have kids, and makes an off-handed comment about Wanda thinking she could have two of them. Wanda asks her what she meant. Jan realizes what she's done and leaves in a hurry. Wanda looks suspicious and closes her eyes. Wanda visits Agatha Harkness and asks her why people think that she had two kids. Agatha's hand starts to tremble and she tries to explain, but Wanda gets even more upset and asks where her children are.

    The scene changes and we see Wanda serving dinner to her family. Her two children are there, along with Wonder Man, the Vision, and Agatha Harkness. Everything is black, white, and gray, with red being the only color. Captain America enters the room and tells Wanda to let him help. Wanda's two boys become upset and go to their mother for comfort. Cap tries telling her that her family isn't real, when suddenly he's in front of a Nazi firing squad led by the Red Skull. He blocks their shots with his shield, but is knocked out through a window. The Scarlet Witch appears to the crowd gathered below, and Ms. Marvel angrily confronts her. Wanda creates a version of Rogue to fight Ms. Marvel, and then proceeds to create the heroes enemies to fight them. Her children cheer. Dr. Strange has had enough and yells at her to stop. She tells him that they can't take her children away again and creates a Dormammu to fight Strange. He ignores the demon, and uses the Eye of Agamotto to show her the truth. Wanda falls from the sky; unconscious.

    Col. Fury and his men and enter the house and find the decaying corpse of Agatha Harkness. Meanwhile, the heroes are trying to decide what to do with Wanda. Her father Magneto appears overhead and demands that they give him his daughter. He takes her, and sadly tells her that he failed her. He flies away with her in his arms. The Avengers say their goodbyes and silently fly off in separate directions.

    In a bittersweet ending, we see a three page reprint of Avengers 16, showing Wanda and Quicksilver joining the team.


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    Avengers Disassembled Part 4 0

    SummaryThe culprit behind the mysterious disasters and their motive is revealed as The Avengers race to put an end to the madness. However, there is one problem: The villain is someone a lot closer to home than they expected...What I likedResolution: Continuity errors aside, this issue has resolve, and to me (someone who is quite ignorant about Avengers titles that pre-date Disassembled) had a pretty decent conclusion. However, this did, in no way, feel as dramatic as I think it should have. Bel...

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    Bad news from the Astral Plane 0

      In this issue no one wins.  You knew Bendis wouldn't have it any other way. He did it to DareDevil why wouldn't he do it to the Avengers. Bendis shatters the Avengers to the core here. As Dr Strange appears to the Avengers from an astral plane, he puts us in the know if not at ease. It turns out one the Avengers own is responsible for all the death and destruction. The Doctor tells them It is a member who was part of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants . At first the Avengers don't believ...

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