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Avengers Disassembled Part 3


As every Avenger... ever... join forces to figure out who or what is behind these strings of attacks, they are faced with more catastrophes and even more tragedy. This issue is heavy on the action and draws close to finally having an explanation for this ‘day from hell’.

What I like

Doctor Strange: This issue basically ends with Doctor Strange appearing and saying “hey, I’m going to tell you what has been going on”. THANK YOU! Not only is Doctor Strange going to be in the next issue, but he is going to tell us what has been happening. It may be too little too late, but we are going to have clarity and an awesome character.

Heavy on action: I don’t like to award points to action scenes that don’t mean much, but I think this one needs to be highlighted. The reason for this is, basically, because this whole issue is one fight scene. With that in mind, if you want an issue with basically every Marvel hero ever (minus Thor and Iron Man) fighting Kree, there you go – you will enjoy it. It’s quite a well orchestrated scene; I just wish it held more meaning to me.

What I didn’t like

The Death: Without giving too much away, the death is in self-sacrifice (that comes out of nowhere), but there is no real reason for why this person gives up so quickly and I am certain they have been through worse and survived! This death held no symbolism or meaning, making this a death for death’s sake. Also, this is the death of a pretty big name in Marvel and they didn’t even get a tie-in book, despite being a key death in the event! This is not dramatic, this is just stupid.

More crazy nonsense: My main problem with the first issue of this arc (Issue 500) was that there was too much going on and not a lot of focus on plot progression. This issue is much the same. We are only a couple of pages into this issue when a Kree armada attacks the Avengers, leaving the rest of the issue to be one massive fight scene. Yet, a fight scene still needs to hold meaning for it to be interesting; we still do not know who is attacking the Avengers or why. This makes this issue feel, maybe a little undeservedly, like filler. This is an issue that’ll make a lot more sense on a second read through, once you know the ending of the arc.


I realise this is a really short run-through, but that is mainly because not a lot happens in this issue. I feel so indifferent about it. On the one hand nothing really leaps out to me as terrible, the writing isn’t particularly strange like the previous issues, and on the other nothing really amazes me. Simply put: it is a fight scene that ticks all the necessary boxes of a good fight scene, but there isn’t much context behind it. It is technically awesome, but it really doesn’t do much for me. The only significant thing that happens in this issue is the death of a major character and even that is underplayed. This issue may as well be the definition of average, but I feel it will significantly improve when the ending has been revealed and we know what is going on.

5/10 - An average comic with a very well put together fight scene that doesn’t mean much

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