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"Chaos" is Definitely Chaotic.

    This third issue of "Chaos" certainly feels like a sci-fi /disaster film but I maybe having trouble with this Bendis' blockbuster.  At the beginning of this issue many of the former Avengers have showed up at  the destroyed Avengers mansion. They answered the call for help. Nick Fury is thankful at first then he turns surly because as they showed up, they ruined the delicacy of the crime scene.  In essence ruining an investigation that didn't even begin. Gone are the clues of who's behind all of this.  I kind of agree with Fury because so far there is a lot action going on without explanation. Everything looks great! Finch's art  and storytelling ability continue to amaze me. My problem is that there are so many reaction shots  to the many two page splashes of horror delivered over the past 3 issues, I don't know where the story is yet. Bendis' first three issues feels like a flip book because we are finished with it so quickly.  I keep telling myself that this all of Bendis' design. The Avengers can't catch their breath as an Alien invasion begins right above their heads. It turns out to be the Kree who are attacking the Avengers. A captured Kree soldier confuse the Avengers by telling them that this attack was foretold. I feel that the title of this particular Avengers tale is definitely appropriate because it certainly chaotic. I think that the scope of Bendis' story is just so big and I feel that we are still at the beginning. There doesn't seem to be  a middle much less an end in sight any time soon.  But what I'm counting on is Dr. Strange (who appears on the final page) to explain to us whats going on and possibly shed some light next issue.   

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