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A Bad Day

 Bendis  and Finch continue to beat up on the Avengers in this issue.  Captain America is seriously getting his ass handed to him by an out of control, fully enraged She-Hulk until iron Man saves his bacon not too long after Tony Stark has lost his position as secretary of defense because of the drunken display earlier at the UN. The issue does deliver great action but it leaves a few of the Avengers hospitalized. The song "Bad Day" comes to mind as Hawkeye constantly reminds us here during his post traumatic rant. The Avengers have to deal with the aftermath at the issues end as just about every superhero in the Marvel universe ends up on the now destroyed Avengers mansion doorstep. The issue is a quick read as Bendis and Finch really have just begun to really deliver in this the second chapter of "CHAOS".

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