Avengers #501

    Avengers » Avengers #501 - Chaos (Part 2) released by Marvel on October 1, 2004.

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    Tony Stark flies over Manhattan in his Iron Man armor. The president's chief of staff informs him that due to his violent outburst at the UN, he will be forced to resign as secretary of defense. Tony asks to speak to the president directly, but is denied. He tells the chief of staff that he has to go as there's an emergency at Avengers Mansion.

    Meanwhile, at the devastated Mansion, She-Hulk has lost control and smashes Captain America with an armored vehicle. The other Avengers try to calm her down, but to no avail. She runs around smashing and throwing vehicles until Iron Man arrives and is able to knock her out. Hawkeye tells Tony that Cap is trapped under a truck, and Iron Man uses his armor's magnetic powers to lift the vehicle. Thankfully, Captain America managed to cover himself with his shield and is only mildly injured. Falcon runs up holding the battered Wasp informing Cap that he's taking her to the hospital. Yellowjacket grows to giant-size and grabs Falcon and Jan in his hand. He tells Sam that he'll have them at the hospital in a second.

    Captain America also goes to Beth-Israel Hospital to get his arm put back in its socket. He asks the doctor about the condition of his teammates. Captain Britain is in critical condition, She-Hulk is in custody, Ant-Man's body is in the morgue, and what's left of the Vision has been sent back to Stark Enterprises.

    The Wasp is in a coma and her unconscious body is being visited by her former husband, Yellowjacket. She's still Wasp-size making it hard for the doctors to work on her. Pym desperately encourages her to wake up. He tells her that no matter what good he does, he'll always be remembered as the man who created Ultron. He tearfully tells her that this isn't how he wanted his life to be.

    While Yellowjacket remains by Janet's bedside, a group of Avengers gather outside the hospital to discuss everything that's happened to them. Hawkeye tells the group that he thinks they're having an extremely bad day. He then proceeds to tell them that he thinks they had it coming and lists examples of the Avengers being short-sighted. Tony is about to tell the others about what happened at the UN, when Yellowjacket comes rushing out. He angrily wants to know if Tony told the others about he did. Captain America asks Iron Man what he did, but before he can answer Pym butts in and tells them all the Tony was drunk and threatened to kill the Latverian ambassador. Stark tells them that he wasn't drunk, and with everything else that's happened thinks this might be some form of attack. Yellowjacket refuses to believe him, so Tony asks the others for support. Captain America and the Falcon tell him that they believe he's telling the truth, but Hawkeye (whose father was an alcoholic) is somewhat doubtful. Angered at being doubted, Iron Man sarcastically thanks them for their support and flies away.

    The group's Avengers alarms go off indicating something is happening at the mansion. Yellowjacket stays behind to be with the Wasp, while the others take the Quinjet. They're forced to land in the park next door because the mansion is now considered a crime scene. As they depart the jet, they see that an army of former and reserve Avengers have gathered to help during the crisis.


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