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the new team revealed!

  Quote: Iron man to duane “Are you sure your from the government?”


Whirlwind the mutant super villain and long time avengers foe debut a shiny new suit (damn sweet looking suit too) while he makes a daring daytime bank robbery. Before he can make off with the cash though, earths mightiest + justice and firestar decide to foil his attempt at grand larceny. This of course does not go as planned as they literally fall all over each other; Quicksilver attacks and gets snagged by spider woman’s psi-webs and almost blasted by Magdalene, sandman gets thrown at submariner, swordsman is halted by herc as herc disrupts crystal’s wind trap causing them all to end up in a wild world wind. Hawkeye scream orders the whole time and when whirlwind makes a break for it. Starfox and machine man race to grab him and binary shoots off his arm. (lol that was so sad it was funny!). The avengers then bicker about what just happened all this while the press has caught the whole thing on tape and it ends up all over the news ( talk about bad press).
The founders then have another meeting this time meeting with new security liaison Duane Jerome Freeman. (cool a black dude in an important job long before obama lol….ok that was lame even for me….) they discuss the simple fact that they need to cut the roster to a manageable/serviceable team. We also learn that 8 avengers have already left to peruse their normal lives and interests. Of the founders Hank and Janet will leave and Cap, Ironman and Thor will remain and they extend membership to a recovering Vision and the Scarlet Witch (cause she is the bomb right now, yuh betta recognize).

We find Wanda watching the Vision in a nanotech rich bath doing self repairs, Wanda wishes she had been stronger and then he may not have been hurt he then projects a zoographic projection of himself to her and they have a heart to heart (or heart to engine…hell I don’t know!). He tells her she need not wry for him since their marriage is over, Wanda is clearly hurt by his words and decides fine if that the way you want it and storms off. Unknown to her Vision is still very much inlove with her and as she leaves he reaches for her and whispers her name as only a lover can (ding ding let the soap opera begin!)

Outside the mansion the press question the avengers departing; she hulk, Black Knight, quicksilver and crystal depart after words with the press. Inside Hawkeye tries to rally the waiting members to demand a spot on the team, everyone else is ok with just waiting to hear the outcome. The new warriors rage, & firestar watch this from the sidelines realizing this team has no space for any of them. Justice then arrives realizing that after what eh heard on the police band this may be their shot. Haykeye realizes the young recruits and follows.

In the lab Carol Danvers goes over some potential codenames with beast and he runs a physical; which tells that she can never become binary again or attain those power levels again. Beast confirms he’s staying with the X-men and she says he should keep her powers between them as she wants in on this team. Wanda meanwhile sits alone and thinks of wonderman in her hour of need, we see him forming just close enough to her for her to hear his voice when Wasp comes in and tells her, her spot is safe. Inside the meeting area 7 more avengers decline and Giant man wonders if maybe they should even leave, cap says that they need not worry since they are not done with the interviews, To the shock of everyone Duane wants autographs from all, prompting Iron man to question his credentials. (lol)

4 more avengers then depart as the media watches on. Carol then retreats to the bar for a drink while she reflects on her life just then iron man walks in and she makes up an excuse as to why she’s there prompting him (who is a recovered alcoholic) to think she may have a drinking problem.
Whirlwind is about to pounce on another bank when he gets blasted by Justice, he accepts the fight and firestar and justice take him on. Justice even reveals he knows quite a bit about his foe thanks to having studied him. (cool beans justice........ your kinda cool).

Back In the founders meeting Carol’s name come sup and IM immediately says no but wont disclose his reasons, the other jump to her defense and he decides since it’s a suspicion he wont object. Then they wonder where is Hawkeye?

Clint is at the site of the battle where justice and firestar have whooped Whirlwind pretty darn good (he’s embedded butt first in a wall). Hawkeye is impressed and together they turn the villain in, the press gets a wind of it and its good news all around. When they get back to the mansion cap reveal there’s only one spot left….for hawkeye. Good ole Clint pleads to give the kids his spot to share, firestar gets pissed and starts to storm out since she is not about to beg for scraps. Cap stops her and offers them reserve member status. Justice is ecstatic while firestar is indifferent. (hmmm rich potential right there). Giant man and wasp then depart after shrinking and flying away, then its time and they go outside to meet their fans (man these guys are like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears lights flashing everywhere...hmm now i cant get Paparatzi by lady gaga and kill the lights by britney spears outa my head lol). Jarvis watches from inside, wasp and hank from their ship as the news feed starts. Duane introduces thema dn while cap talks the members get itchy (they want him to say IT). With a quick nudge from irn man Captain America cries ‘Avengers Assemble’! and the crowd and cameras go wild. (man this book gets better and better)

The Good!
Perfect pacing, the team came together organically and everyone had a good reason for being their, I also loved Justice’s reaction to the whole thing, he’s a fan and man what a fan he is. Firestar on the other hand is a good counterbalance since she is just along for the ride really. A lot of set up done here and many plots to be dealt with in the future. (Love it)
The Bad!
I have no complaints with this issue!

The Ugly!
Perfect story
This and other reviews along with scans on my blog  http://ryonslaughtreviews.blogspot.com/

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