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The true culprit behind the timecrises revealed


More of this badguy in Avengers #4
More of this badguy in Avengers #4

Im probably gonna get an army of comic fans ready to share their disagreement with my review for this one issue. Probably the most hated series for the Heroic Age and sadly the main comic for our Heroic event just lightened itself up for me with this one issue. But make no mistake that somebody is terribly jacking up their storytelling with these issues.

Before I start this review, just because I can be fair and give a guy credit, I still hate Bendis for what he did for the last issue of Siege. Probably the reason why I hated this recent issues for this series was because of how blended, Bendis can be at times. But, the man did make some awesome storytelling in his career and I do hope to see this guy jump back up to the top as one of Marvels most badass writers, despite what I say.

As for the Avengers, I can tell that Bendis and maybe John Romita Junior is doing the same thing that Brubaker did with his Secret Avengers title, experimenting and expanding their talent to a whole new concept that they are unfamiliar with or never done before. But did these two kept up with the challenge or did just fail miserably, well lets find out as I take you into this and see if we can find out what Bendis, Junior, and the Marvel staff gave us.

Story is simple, pardon my language, but s*** is hitting the fan and our new cast of Avengers are right in the middle of this timeline crises. Trying to uncover Kangs motives, half of the team travel to the future and the other half stayed behind to save whats left of the city and any random events or disasters that would occur. But who is really behind the events that are going on and why? Somewhat fully explained all here in this one issue.


The Good:

-          Despite on how many rotten veggies are being thrown at this guy, Bendis would need to verify one character in this new series to almost or mostly justify his storytelling, Maestro. Yeah, yeah, you may disagree, but knowing what kind of villain Maestro is, this super powered, intelligent, insane, nutjob who was once a hero that went nuts after absorbing an increase amounts of radiation would cause all the chaos that our new team of Avengers are currently going through. Yes, he may be the Hulk from the Next Avengers cartoon flick, but Maestro is overall a corrupted, twisted, and sick individual who would beat somebody with one of his sex slaves if you tick him off. He is the Hulk and it would take any Hulk to be a Maestro and when that name is mentioned, something bad is going to happen for our beloved heroes. I like how Bendis would introduce a new and original cast of characters from old comic series such as Adventure Comics with Killraven and the introduction for the Next Avengers. Killraven was a very interesting character that somehow managed to fit into Bendis’s blended storyline, and yes I did say blended because that’s what Bendis wanted from the start. You’ll notice in the issue that our heroes are reacting to this with what is supposed to be WTF faces, that I liked alot.

-          You may raise an eyebrow when I say that the last part of this issue would actually creep me out. Maybe because I know that our new cast of heroes are on the verge of having their necks snapped ( Maestro’s favorite thing to do ), Maestro greeting Wolverine like a beloved buddy he once knew, or the introduction of Tony’s zombie-like future-self.

The Bad:

-          Yes, Bendis is starting to recover as he slowly starts to uncover his storytelling for this series, but I can’t believe it took four damn issue for the real excitement to kick in. Actually seeing our new cast of Next Avengers and one villain, BUT NO KANG.

-          A lot hiccups and dialogue that finds itself on and off as ridiculous with this issue still, but with this issue and series it wasn’t a reason why this comic would be seen as an disaster.


The Ugly:

-          John Romita Junior, is really screwing this series up. Either I don’t think that this guy is able to keep up with Bendis or that he’s just lost his talent on being an artists. But ive seen this guys artwork and this is his worst. I liked how he was an artist for the Spiderman series, but doing this issue, for some reason I felt that his storytelling is way off and not on track. I notice that Bendis would be taking some punches because of this guy. You may disagree with, but I know that this series is mostly screwed up because of Junior. Just imagine if it was Deodato doing the artwork for this series, would you think the series might go well? Honestly I would prefer bitching about Deodatos constant and pointless heroic poses instead of Juniors colorbook artwork.


The Conclusion:

Yes, I did say that this issue was interesting for me, possibly because it was supposed to be fun and entertaining and Bendis would reach that with his blended storytelling for this series. But, because of Junior making this series look like one of the original Nickelodean cartoons, Its not promising that this issue would reach your expectations.

If you are a fan of Junior or that you have a high tolereance for artwork at its worst, then go ahead an give this issue a try. I can’t promise anything but possiblilities of liking this one issue.

As for me, my rating and opinion is personal compared to others because of my interest in the villain known as Maestro who makes more of an appearance in this issue.

Anyways, if you don’t know who Maestro is or known nothing of the guy, heres a video I made about one of my favorite villains.

Im that Badguy saying thankyou for reading and I do hope you enjoy this issue if you decide to give it a shot.     

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