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Please get rid of this artist!!!

Story: Noh-Varr, Logan, Tony, and Bucky are in the future and it does not look pretty. The future is in utter chaos and it seems that it is an all out war between heroes and villains. In the present Peter, Thor, Spider-Woman, and Clint are talking to Killraven. Killraven is so excited to see Spider-Man, but Peter doesn't remember who he is. These giant machines start attacking the city and Thor goes after them and takes them down. Maria Hill shows up and warns the civilians to clear the street, but the civilians are fighting each other. Thor sees that Galactus is attacking the city as well. Back to the future our Avengers are attacked by the future Avengers and are brought to future Hulk. Hulk says that he wanted Tony there and the future Tony shows up. The issue ends with the future Tony stabbing our Tony with a long knife thingy.
Writing: Brian Michael Bendis has really been disappointing me lately. This series started out pretty good but as it kept going it just keeps getting worse. The story wasn't that bad but I am just not that interested in it.
Characters: I feel like these characters are written poorly. Spider-Woman's personality in this issue was written like Peter's. Since when did she have a funny line after anyone said anything. What was up with Maria Hill in this issue? She looked like a street fighter character. 
Dialogue: Brian Michael Bendis does not know how to write women. Maria Hill would never say dude. In New Avnegers issue 3 he made Ms. Marvel say dude also. Spider-Woman was the one with all the jokes in this issue which really didn't make sense.
Art: Can we get a new artist please!
Cover: The cover was okay, but I hate the color red in this series because it looks purple.
Penciling: I could not stand it. I think that it is so bad and I really don't like it. I don't mean to be so harsh but this art was so frustrating that I couldn't focus on the story. The background is so sloppy and lazy. The characters are so bulky and big.
Coloring: The coloring looks very messy. I think that the color red in this series looks purple.
My favorite scene!
It's hard to find a favorite scene when everything else sucks! I guess I liked seeing what the future was gonna be. 
Reasons to and not to pick up.
Reasons to pick up: If you must have every Avenger title that is out there then this is definitely for you. The story is kind of interesting if you over look everything else.
Reasons not to pick up: This art is so bad that it takes away from the story. Were the machines in the city the same ones from War of the Worlds? Lets be original John Romita Jr. The coloring is bad and over all weak. The perception of the female characters in this issue is bad.
Verdict: DO NOT PICK UP!!! 2 OUT OF 5!!

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