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Avengers #4

Let me just start off by saying that this is perhaps the worst issue of Avengers I have ever read. Thanks to Bendis' nearly-illegible dialogue and his atrocious, inaccurate portrayals of everyone from Spider-Man to Toruun to Killraven to Noh-Varr; the story, if you can actually call it that, has become so confounding in nature that I doubt very few will be able to read it all the way through and actually be able to understand what exactly the point of this story was by the time the "Next Avengers" arc concludes.
It doesn't help that the quality of John Romita Jr.'s art keeps slipping further and further down with each issue that passes us by and that there is also strong sense of laziness being reflected in his work. If you are thinking of picking this comic up (or any of the previous three issues), I highly advise against doing so. This series has been a complete and total letdown, not to mention a waste of money and time.

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