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    Avengers » Avengers #3 - The Garden released by Marvel on March 20, 2013.

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    Beautiful Art,not so great conclusion

    A title having Jerome Opeña's art and Dean White w/ Frank Martin Jr.'s colors is spectacular for the eyes guaranteed, no doubt about it, unfortunately this issue felt to me a little weaker than the previous two in the writing department, particularly because of the difficulty level that the Avengers faced in the first two issues compared to this one. It was great that Hickman used different characters to present the solution to the Ex Nihilo threat, like Captain Universe's part, but on the other hand, her part in everything was fuzzy and without a proper explanation. On the other hand, the excess of characters proved that many of them will be obsolete, like, come on, Falcon's scenes were interesting and he really proved to be an important asset, but all because of Hickman's overstretched things in his favor, since a man who talks to birds in Mars surely cannot be of much value, right? That again with Shang Chi scene, what was that about? A blow in the knee, the deed is done? Too much Avengers may prove to be a mess (or not). Also this issue could have used more action, there were some good scenes involving Hulk and Thor but other than that it was all dialogues and small action. The best scene in this issue was Wolverine using his claws to free the Avengers' emprisioned by Ex Nihilo. Other thing that bugged me was that Hickman wrote Spider-Man as Peter Parker, completely forgeting the events in the Webheaded's life, that was a flaw in the narrative. I didn't like also Captain America's dialogues, I prefer much more what Rick Remender is doing with the character in his solo title. Another thing that bugged me was how the Avengers decided to handle Ex Nihilo, sure they couldn't (or could) have defeated him in battle, but was it wise or intelligent to leave him unchecked in Mars? I guess not! Overall this was an average issue, beautiful art, nice colors, some funny moments, but it didn't correspond to all the fuzz Hickman developed in the last two issues.

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