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    Avengers » Avengers #3 - The Garden released by Marvel on March 20, 2013.

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    The Universe has spoken

    The first thing I have to say is that Opena is the guy for this series.He has an awesome style and his take on the Avengers and the new characters that appeared in this first arc was amazing.He makes them look as the way they should look like and doesn't have a single bad panel at all.

    The big,awesome,stoty-telling part of the issue was the big battle between the new Avengers and Ex Nihilo,his sister Abyss and Aleph.The battle takes almost the whole issue and it is worth it.It is not one of those issues which have only big fighting and no story telling,it's one of those issue that tell you the story with the big battle.It is really interesting to see these new guys for the first time in action as Avengers even though that we only saw Sunspot,Cap Universe,Hyperion and Cap do something big from the Avengers.Some of the characters were like a little bit forgotten and it felt bad for them but we knew that they were fighting some of the creations of Ex Nihilo.

    This arc was good but it felt a little bit short.A three issue story arc is small for the start of new series where you have new characters that some of them are pretty unknown to some of the readers.In this issue we saw some newbies that haven't earned the trust of Steve go in such a big battle to Mars.It felt strange but as I already said it was good to see them in action.Manifold,Hyperion and Cap Universe are characters that I am not really in touvh with and know almost nothing about them.I was a little bit confused with things and wasn't sure if this was the same Hyperion as the one that appeared in Thunderbolts.

    The issue was good,it told us the story that Hickman was trying to tell and created some new characters that I hope are going to be used in the future(Ex Nihilo,Abyss).The arc was a little bit short but it gathered some of the Avengers that were needed and this is indeed a different roster from what we have seen so far in the Avengers books.


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