Avengers #3

    Avengers » Avengers #3 - In Love & War released by Marvel on January 1, 1997.

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    Nick Fury leads his team into the heart of battle. His finest and fiercest team, the Avengers have already been defeated and captured by Kang. Fury sees him come out of his ship, wearing the Avengers’ various weapons. Kang makes sure that he will rewrite history. As Fury’s team attacks, Kang brings down lightning from the sky, almost decimating the S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers.

    Elsewhere, on the Avengers Island, Janet rebukes Henry for being engrossed in his work and not hearing the plight of the Avengers. Ultron, who has upgraded himself to Ultron-3, wants to comfort Janet. She rebukes him, saying that he will not touch her. Henry is troubled over Ultron’s behavior.

    Inside Kang’s ship, the Avengers float inside a tube each, powerless to do anything. Thor summons his Mjolnir, and it flies to break Thor’s cell. He frees the other Avengers. Captain America tells him to stick to the plan he will make next, for every move made against Kang must be properly executed.

    Agatha Harkness waits for approval to get inside Avengers island. When she does not receive one, she phases into the inner chambers.

    And another Agatha, the real one is back at Salem, taking blows from Loki.

    Above Central Park, the Avengers come down from Kang’s ship. They take him by surprise, but don’t fare good initially. Kang attacks them with their own weapons. That’s until Hellcat targets Kang’s beloved one, Mantis. As Kang gets distracted for a moment, The other Avengers disarm him. One by one, they strip him of the besieged weapons and hurt him back. From above them, Wanda weaves a Hex spell, which neutralizes Kang’s forcefield. Thor is the last one to strike. He brings down his hammer upon Kang, and Kang slumps to the ground.

    As Swordsman readies himself to finish off Kang, Mantis intervenes. She requests them to spare Kang’s life, and take hers instead. Captain America asks Swordsman to leave Kang alone, to be turned over to the authorities. Kang threatens that they will learn the foolhardiness of mercy. With that, he and Mantis teleport away. The next moment, a fireball comes down to the ground. The Avengers gather around it to see the Vision lying in a shattered form.    


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