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The Avengers are meeting to gather a new line-up, in the recent events surrounding the protests. Justice and Firestar announce they ae leaving for personal reasons, as does Wonder Man. Thor refuses to apologize for attacking the press, and leaves because Duane confronts him about it.

Wasp and Goliath arrive, accepting the invitation to join the team, just as the group who were framed by Lord Templar arrives. After contacting all black and latino former Avengers and getting rejected, the Avengers are stuck in their place. Warbird is then accepted on the team. The Triune arrives on the scene and Triathlon stops a crime in progress against the Avengers, and is then accepted into the Avengers. She-Hulk is the last fit into the team and is holding the Vision's spot. They announce it to the press very undramatically, and walk off the stage somberly.

In the Epilouge, a man is attacked by a man riding a bird in South America.

Also features reprints of:

-Avengers #150 (which reprinted Avengers #16)

-Avengers #151

-Avengers Annual #19

-Avengers #101


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