Avengers #24

    Avengers » Avengers #24 - The Great and Powerful Osborn! released by Marvel on May 1, 2012.

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    Shocking Conclusion To The Epic H.A.M.M.E.R./Norman Osborn Storyline!

    Which Avengers Will Take Their Relationship To The Next Level?

    Will Norman Osborn’s Dream Come True?

    The Summer Of The Avengers Starts Here!


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    The Avengers suck so much they need help from the New Avengers 0

    AF Reviews: AvengersIn the conclusion to what's single-handedly the worst Avengers story since, well, since the one that came before it - we're treated to reminders that the Avengers suck so much that in order to beat a bad guy they need help from the New Avengers and we even get to see Norman Osborn, who was obviously such a crappy villain before that he needed redefining, become a Hulk.This really is bad. I mean, really really bad. Brian Bendis has no handle whatsoever on the actual Avengers a...

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    The cool suit in the cover was never used...but still good though 0

    Before I start this let me just thank Rick Remender, because he hadn't written the adaptoids storyline, then I would had been totally confused about what the hell they are (never head about them till now so don’t judge me). So! After big bumps on the road this story line finally ends with a very nice ending as apparently the end result was good as it has significance not only to the team but for one of their main foes.The issue starts with were we last left off as the avengers managed to get fre...

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    Norman for World's peace keeper? 0

    Unfortunately this arc story felt just like a filler to the big event that is AvX and instead of pitching something that would help build the event, Bendis decided to recycle some ideas (Civil War, Dark Reign and Siege) and deal with some unfinished business, that is "What will the world do with Norman Osborn?" - I believe that the construction of this arc story failed in execution, especially in the matter of how Norman Osborn sold his idea as a substitute to the old order: since when Hydra are...

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