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Pies, Relaxation and Rogue Planets...Oh My...

In one of the most shocking events of the year in comics, this issue opens up.....with the Avengers RELAXING. The party doesn't last as a visitor from the future brings Earth's Mightiest Heroes a dire message of impending doom.

The Good:

All jokes aside, its always good to see the lighthearted side of the team even if its very brief. There's some great comedy from Thor here that revolves around the prowess of his Asgardian grilling skills. We also see further evidence of his culinary skills as we see a cornucopia of pies that have been prepared.

On to the main story, we see further planning from Cap & Tony in assessing the next members for the team. Before the decision can be made we get our visitor from the future and their grim warning. This is when the issue kicks into high gear and we get to see the vast resourcefulness and teamwork of the Avengers. This is the best part of the issue for me as the efficiency of this well oiled machine is put on display. What they pull off in a short time is great to see and even better most of the team members get a chance to offer input and shine.

The art is by Esad Ribic and that's all that really needs to be said. His work is brilliant and doesn't disappoint here. He is one of the industry's very best and we see his top notch work for this book.

The Bad:

Nothing really bad of note. I half expected the visitor from the future to stick around and was kind of disappointed they didn't. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of them and will probably see more of them in the future.

The Score:

I'm really interested in seeing where this goes. The big problem appears to be solved but I expect things to get worse before the end of this arc.


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