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What is this? An Avenger issue that is….actually good? 0

After three average issues which were affected by many dumb moments that hurt this story arc that has lots of potential since even if this yet another reused villain from his long run, it’s a very interesting story (I mean, Ultron is good but he already used him on mighty avengers, the hood from most of the last volumes of new avengers and now Norman Osborn who was barely defeated right before the re-launch. I believe there are plenty of other threats around the Marvel U besides them). It's nice...

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Avengers # 21 0

I love the cover! Sexy Storm has joined The Avengers! However we do not get to read much on Storm. Brian Michael Bendis has done a good job with this issue. It’s pretty heavy for the Avengers. Seeing that Hydra is taking down The Avengers. Book is great, The art is good, however I think fans are awaiting art style like Adam Kubert. I think that wound be awesome for the book if he is up to it. I like H.A.M.M.E.R. and Hydra are really coming together. Even though the cover maybe misleading, Spider...

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A Storm's Not Coming 0

I don’t often write negative reviews. Usually if I am willing to take the time to write something, it’s mostly positive with perhaps a few specific criticisms. Not this time. I was so wholeheartedly disappointed by this issue that it spurred me to write a full review on it.First, let’s start with something general. The general sloppiness of the writing and the handling of the team’s character itself. Like, Hawkeye and Spider-woman’s “relationship” for example. This couple got together hot and he...

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Do you like the Avengers? Because Brian Bendis clearly doesn't. 0

AF Reviews: AvengersYou're in the comic book store and you're browsing through the titles. You see this cover. "Oh a Storm issue!" you think. You run to buy it because we're obviously going to have some Storm action. The big action you get is one or two panels where Storm is UNCONSCIOUS in the BACKGROUND.What does happen in this issue? In the traditional style of Brian Bendis' Avengers pretty little. The whole thing is just an assortment of double-splash pages of the Avengers being beat over and...

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