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NICK FURY and his 1950s AVENGERS in a final confrontation with the AGENTS OF ICON!

Nick Fury and his Avengers have infiltrated Wakanda and botched up the operation of ICON. So it inevitably has to end in a showdown. However Dieter Skul and his henchmen are beaten, and when a teleportal from Sydenham opens up, the Avengers take a free ride, smack into Sydenham's palace.

Another showdown results, this time we get to see more of Sydenham's henchmen. However, outnumbered and outgunned as they are, the Avengers employ combat tactics to defeat the criminals and zombies that Sydenham unleashes upon them. Powell McTeague prevents Sydenham from escaping and the fight is over.

It seems to be a happy ending as the Avengers part ways. However McTeague meets up with Fury and explains that political tampering has allowed Sydenham to walk free.

Elsewhere, we see that Sydenham has isolated himself and is back to his dark arcane arts once more.


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