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Shattered Heroes Still Have Character

Usually issues that appear post crossover event aren't of the finest quality, but I found this issue to be quite well done. It starts with a bit of a stroll down memory lane with several of their most recent major events from the Civil War to Blitzkrieg USA. All the flashbacks are as they seem, but there is a silent focus on a certain SHIELD agent. Her name is Carolina Washington and her behavior is enough to warrant another look. She is collecting what appears to be biological samples from fallen heroes, but to what purpose is to yet be revealed.

After the focus is brought back the present, we find ourselves in Avengers mansion and here is where the writing truly shines. It's not the most memorable script ever, but it's the interaction of the characters that makes this issues feel like an Avengers book. Brian Michael Bendis really gets to the core of each individual and writes them with all such character. Daniel Acuña adds on top of that with his fantastic artwork that exemplifies emotion through that character's faces and body movement.

The writing and artwork will keep you here and the ending will leave you wanting more. A solid creative effort and one that makes me wish I had the next issue right now to read.

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