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 The Avengers #14
 The Avengers #14
Note: I have not followed the main Fear Itself story arch, events may have happened within it contradicting my review. 
Basically a snapshot, the cover for The Avengers issue 14 previews the action to follow very nicely. The art by John Romita Jr helped contribute to the gritty destruction, like rocks chipping away at each other. 
The dialogue flowed very well, but the use of time and order of panels felt like this was written for motion media like television. Told from The Avengers through a series of interviews which are now becoming a recurring theme, we were recapped of the events of Fear Itself which the last issue lacked. Being a new member we got to see some insight to how the team feels about the Red Hulk being on The Avengers, this issue circulates him more then any other character. 
In keeping to the Marvel universe, how can the Red Hulk be apart of Fear Itself if he's deep in space in his own series, Planet Red Hulk? The Avengers being a team up comic, we see the Red Hulk fighting the possessed Thing on his own making this more suitable for a tie-in by his own series. 
With a shinning beacon to The Avengers being destroyed, I didn't get the feeling of impending doom as the team itself fears is in their near future. With the issues focus being on the climatic fight, the action paced the comic so quick that it felt as if it was just beginning when it was truly over and not allowing this story arch to truly progress from a 3 out of 5.

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