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Powerful... 2

This is a Red Hulk story, but, unlike what I'm used to with Rulk stories, this one is really gripping. I think, honestly, it's the LACK of the constant "Bendis Banter" in this issue(it's there, but WAY toned down), that the story lets the action do the talking, and it works. After a little bit of the Avengers expressing their concerns over Rulk, we cut to The Thing's worthy form laying waste to NYC, and Rulk steps in to stomp him out. This is a FIGHT, plain and simple ,and it's fun to watch. Eve...

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Solid backup for Fear Itself 0

I'm starting to like this format for a backup issue supporting a crossover event. The main series Fear Itself is just so busy and quick with things happening that you need something to help you deal with all that's going on. And I think what Bendis is doing in this comic is good. Last issue we had a talky story that showed the build up to the event, and here we see how a monstrous new Thing battles the Red Hulk. Having the story focus around talking heads may seem slow, but as I said Fear Itself...

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Cage Stands Ready to Make a Profit on His $1 Mansion Purchase 0

Brian Michael Bendis dives into the action of Fear Itself with this second issue of the Avengers tie-in. It's Angrir, Breaker of Souls, in the body of the Thing versus the Red Hulk in the streets of Manhattan. This is an issue packed with action, which allows it to make the most of what scraps Fear Itself gives it to work with.  This is Red Hulk's big Avenger moment, and it is effectively done. It is a poetic twist for this fight to be a variation on the classic Thing versus Hulk brawls too. Ben...

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PopeyeNaz11's The Avengers 0

The Avengers Issue 14 The Avengers #14 Note: I have not followed the main Fear Itself story arch, events may have happened within it contradicting my review. Basically a snapshot, the cover for The Avengers issue 14 previews the action to follow very nicely. The art by John Romita Jr helped contribute to the gritty destruction, like rocks chipping away at each other. The dialogue flowed very well, but the use of time and order of panels felt like this was written for motion media like television...

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Avengers #14 2


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Should the Avengers Fear Bendis? 0

A tie-in to Fear Itself, but kind of a slow moving issue for the big "SURPRISE EVENT too SHOCKING to be revealed" that it was marketed as.   The Good If you are a fan of an old fashioned slug-fest between to heavy hitters, then look no further.  Red Hulk versus Thing would be good enough but this is Rulk battling it out against Ben as Angrir the Breaker of Souls.  These two battle it out and let's say it doesn't end well for one of them (SPOILER- It's Red Hulk).   The Bad Bendis has now (IMO) st...

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Great fight, but I need more, and probably a different artist... 0

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!Sp     ...

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Red Fear (Spoiler) 0

If ever there was a defining issue for a new Avenger (as opposed to a New Avenger) it was this one.  I have honestly felt that Fear Itself (just like Chaos War, Dark Reign, Secret Invasion, Civil War and House of M before it) has WAY too many extraneous tie-ins and spin-offs, after all we don't need a story arc about a team or character in their book AND a limited series about them too.  Additionally, while I have not been a huge Hulk collector over the years, I have specifically hated General R...

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Powers collide. 0

The story The Avengers are still being interviewed and this time the main topic is the Red Hulk and specifically his battle with the Worthy who used to be the Thing ( from the FF ). It seems that Red Hulk is the first to arrive after Thing levels Yancy Street. A fierce battle starts and Red Hulk seems to be able to hold his own, but after a while it becomes clear that this Red Hulk is no match for one of the Worthy.  The good I like that the story is still partially told in this interview fashio...

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I cannot explain my utter disdain for what they are doing with Hulk as of late, but sadly I needed to pick this issue up for one reason it was a Fear Itself Tie In. And I say now with great sorrow...I enjoyed it thouroughly. I couldnt stop reading, this is definately the only issue with Rulk that I f#cking love. It showed that this bastard of a man known as Thunderbolt is actually a decent human being, he is willing to fight an throw his life down to protect those that need protecting. I see thi...

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RULK VS WORTHY THING!!...while everyone else is interviewed.... 0

This issue is what at least wanted to see during the previous issue (Which my hatred to is slowly diminishing thank god). And we see the reaction to one of the first solo battles between the Marvel heroes against the worthy. Showing an amazing fight between some of the biggest powerhouses of marvel universe. Also showing a heroic attempt of the newest member of the team as he tries to stop one of the worthy by himself .......revealing that not even a hulk can defeat this almost invincible worthi...

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