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    This is the earliest historical version of a team like The Avengers, consisting of the bearers of the Marvel Universe's oldest mantles. They first banded together during the Stone Age to stop a Celestial from destroying the Earth.

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    Current Roster

    • Agamotto, Earth's first Sorcerer Supreme
    • Fan Fei, Earth's first Iron Fist
    • Moon Knight, Earth's first Fist of Khonshu


    Cave drawings of the old mantles
    Cave drawings of the old mantles

    In 1,000,000 B.C., Firehair, an early mutant, bonds with the Phoenix Force and decides to bring together a team of superhumans to protect humanity. They all had one thing in common, which was their unusually high intellect relative to the rest of their species at this time in history. They represented the oldest heroic mantles in the Marvel universe:


    These Avengers made their debut in Marvel Legacy #1 and play an important role in Jason Aaron's plans for The Avengers.

    Major Story Arcs

    The First Host

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    Firehair first assembled these Avengers to take on a Celestial named Zgreb the Aspirant. Zgreb had come to Earth looking for its "lover" (the closet English translation), The Progenitor, who had crashed on Earth after dying from a cosmic infection and set in motion the ability for superpowers to evolve on this planet. These prehistoric Avengers bludgeoned the Celestial to death and buried it deep within the planet, hoping they had seen the last of its kind.

    With two Celestials gone missing near the prehistoric Earth, the planet got the attention of The First Host, a collection of Celestials. They were too much for the prehistoric Avengers.

    Defeated, Odin expected the worst, but rather than judge the All-Father and his team, the host retreated, fearful of catching the infection that had killed Zgreb's lover and was now eating away at Zgreb's corpse.

    Tony Stark: Time Traveler

    After studying a fossil of his own head inside of one of his helmets, Tony Stark investigated the cave where it was found only to experience a power surge and waking up in 1,000,000 B.C. There, he was attacked by the prehistoric Avengers, for Stark would not be the first time raider who attempted to plunder their era.

    Spectating Stark vs Mephisto
    Spectating Stark vs Mephisto

    Firehair was able to read his mind, though, learning that he was not in their era by his own intention. She warns him about the "devil" and leaves with her team. From a far, they watch as Mephisto first tempts Stark with a deal and then fights him head on. It looks as if Stark is about to lose, when he decides to release his full energy on the Time Gem in Mephisto's hand, causing another power surge that sends him home.

    Young Thanos

    In the guise of a centipede, Mephisto tempted a very young Thanos with Earth by calling it a planet that would be good at death. There, Thanos was confronted by the prehistoric Avengers. They came to the defense of another time traveling agent of the "Avengers Yet to Come," Ka-Zar. He had been sent to chart the untold history of the legacy mantles by Black Panther.

    Ghost snared young Thanos in his chains, which Odin tied to Mjolnir and threw into a portal opened by Agamotto, losing young Thanos in time.

    The First Eternal

    Considering Earth a plague planet that would create superhumans as an immune system, The First Host created their own superhumans, The Eternals, to defend that process. Ajak, as leader of the Eternals, was teleported to the prehistoric Avengers for introductions. However, before she could finish, the prehistoric Starbrand was already attacking. This was followed with attacks from each of his teammates, while Ajak silently collected data on their power levels until she was slain.

    Some time later, she is reborn in The Exclusion, where she reports to her Eternal troops that these Avengers are efficient enough for a secondary immune system and should be left to their own devices.


    Firehair lashes out
    Firehair lashes out

    When Laufey, king of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, fell in love with Hyve, the mother of infestation from the Negative Zone, they consummated their love through conquest and slaughter on Midgard. For seventy days, the prehistoric Avengers defended the tribes of early men, until Hyve was fallen and both armies retreated.

    In the battle, Black Panther was killed. His people of the Panther Tribe requested the other Avengers forget their tribe ever existed, and Odin grew more and more cynical about the idea of losing his mortal allies. This caused Firehair to lash out at her lover for trivializing the potential of humans, ruining team morale.

    After Black Panther's burial, they went their separate ways.

    Birth of Thor

    Years later, they would be called together once more to protect the goddess, Gaea, while she was in labor with Odin's son, Thor. Unbeknownst to the team, Firehair had convinced Gaea to give Odin a chance so that she might have a child with Odin's power but Gaea's heart, who could always look over Earth and the mortals that live there.

    Laufey would lead his army on the incoming child as revenge for the loss of his love, Hyve. The Avengers held him off the best they could, but Laufey was still able to knick the child with his ice sword. It was enough, as the newborn Thor started to freeze until Firehair flew him into the sky and bathed him in the flames of the Phoenix Force, restoring him to good health.


    The prehistoric Avengers were spread out across the land:

    • Agamotto set up a sanctum in an active volcano monitoring extradimensional parasites attaching themselves to cavemen
    • Odin was drinking on the throne of Asgard
    • Ghost was tracking more and more sins thanks to con artist saviors
    • Fan Fei allied with the first Moon Knight to continue protecting people
    • Vnn isolated himself on the Moon
    • and Firehair had left the solar system entirely

    After a confrontation with Mephisto, Agamotto traveled to his friends to re-assemble them for the coming fight. Although, he could not get a hold of Firehair nor was Wakanda willing to join. Once, he had assembled his old friends, he cast a spell that teleported them to the present day Avengers, who were currently travelling through time tracking Mephisto's attempts to stop the mantles from reaching the present.

    Agamotto intended for them to become allies, but when he is attacked by an unseen force, his team blames The Avengers and starts brawling. As the dust settles, Doom Supreme of the mutliversal Masters of Evil reveals himself to Agamotto. Doom plucks Agamotto's eyes out and defeats Vnn by smashing him into a ball. Both Avengers teams finally band together to take on the Masters of Evil. They ultimately win taking out a number of The Masters.

    The God Quarry

    Back to work
    Back to work

    Doom used this fight as a distraction to unite with an army of his own variants and release a plague to kill off all the caveman as a last ditch effort to stop humanity from creating inheritors to the legacy powers. Ghost decides to ride his mammoth into the middle of the plume to burn the hottest he ever has to destroy it, reducing him to ash in the process.

    Doom planned to lead his variants on The God Quarry. In defense, Avenger Prime, a sorcerer supreme variant of Loki, cast a spell bringing both Avengers teams to The God Quarry as part of a multiversal army of Avengers to stand guard. An army of Dooms wanted to take control of Loki's Avengers Tower, but Mephisto wanted to break through the barrier of the quarry to the raw energy leftover by the previous cosmos.

    After stopping both Doom and Mephisto, Fei, Moon Knight, and Agamotto returned to their proper time and vowed to recruit new superhumans to stand ready to protect their world.



    A similar Mjolnir swinging version of Odin fought alongside different mantle holders in 1,000,000 B.C. on a different Earth. This included a gorilla Phoenix Host, a female Starbrand, and a "savage" Iron Fist. They were slain by a multiversal Masters of Evil assembled by Mephisto.


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