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Avengers #1 starts out immediately after the events of Siege. Immortus Master of Time has just been defeated by some kid version Avengers. Steven Rogers is recruiting members for the team. Some are eager and some are not so eager. Wonderman is totally against the idea because he believes that all they do is cause destruction. The members are: Thor, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Woman, and Iron Man. Tony and Steven still have major differences so Steven hires a leader. Maria Hill. Kang from the future appears to warn the Avengers that their children will destroy the world. Kang stole some device that Tony thought of making but didn't make. A doomsday device. Kang returns to the future where a tyranical Hulk rules. 
 Writing: I thought this issue was very well written. I liked seeing the team together again.  
Characters: It was great how Brian Michael Bendis did the characters in this issue. I love how Tony and Steven still have problems with eachother. I also like how each character acts as a member of the team. 
Dialogue: I thought the dialogue was really good. The only problem for me was that it was a little too lighthearted. 
I felt like the art was solid in this issue. I don't think it was the best though. 
Cover: The cover was awesome. The characters were bright and I would not have changed it at all. 
Penciling: The penciling was average. I thought the character's faces were too sketchy. 
Coloring: The coloring was good and bad. The character coloring was great, but the background coloring blended in way too much. 
Favorite Pages And Why. 
Page 2 because we saw the Next Avengers. Page 4 and 5 because we see all the people who have been adressed about being part of the Avengers. Page 8 because we see them together. Pages 13 and 14 because we see Thor take charge and get rid of Kang. Finally page 24 because Hulk from the future is there. 
Reasons To And Not To Pick Up 
Pick Up: 
This issue had a classic feeling to it seeing everyone together again. This was a great story and a great stepping stone on what's to come. 
Not to pick it up: The art was average. This issue I felt should've had more action. 
Rating: 4 out of 5.

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