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The Boys Are Back In Town!!!

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
     Well ladies and gents the Boys are Back in Town for the first time in years we have the good old fashioned Avengers back not the New Avengers not the Mighty Avengers or the Dark Avengers and you know what this issue was pretty good all things considered I have all my favorites on this latest incarnation of the Legendary team Ironman Spider-man and even the new Captain America who now this is just my opinion is the best out of all the Captain America's to date. Steve Rogers was good in his day but his methods are outdated for today's society. Alright now this story does have it's share of problems like anything does but overall it was a pretty good start it gave us the A list of marvel assembling to bust some heads so lets dig into this hero fest.
      Now the main issue I have with this comic is it's mainstream marvel's premier for The Next Avengers you know that really stupid animated film about the avengers kids who are supposed to be in their mid to late teens yet for some reason look like there all in the range of 9 to 12 yeah nice job on drawing teens who look like their still in elementary school marvel great job "Wink". Now the comic begins with the Next Avengers killing Immortus......what?......The Children of some of the greatest heroes of all time have become murderers? the kids whom most of their parents condemned  killing have become stone cold killers?....Okay to quote the Nostalgia Critic "this isn't jumping the shark oh no this is Jumping the Shark coming back shooting it in the Balls, Raping it, Eating it's flesh, Consuming it's soul, Mounting it's head on a wall and doing it 12 more times just to be safe!" well after that horseshit the book becomes considerably better the rest of it is mostly about Steve Rogers recruiting members for the teams of avenger he's creating as well as setting up the main team and what I really just loved about this book is when he and Tony Stark get a chance to have a real chat after all the shit they've put each other through over the years and it's probably one of the finest points of the issue the rest of it is the teams meet and greet until Kang arrives and he and the avengers duke it out before pulling a doomsday weapon made by Tony Stark. The issue ends after Kang gives them a warning of what is to happen and returns to the future where his boss is revealed to be none other than the Elder version of the Hulk and what I can only guess is Spider-man or Spider-woman's Daughter. Alright the artwork for this issue is decent but this guy sucks at drawing woman I mean shit half of them look like Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show and it's really said because this guys dad was John Romita Sr. one of the Greatest artist of the Silver and Copper age of comic.
     Well That's it I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this comic get's the Stamp of Approval.
Avengers #1


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