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In a darkened room in New Jersey, a metallic figure is watching the "That's Amazing" television program. This episode of the program is an in-depth profile of the Avengers, and begins by recounting their recent history; starting with their battle with Onslaught on up to their confrontation with the demonic Pagan.

Justice and Firestar are also watching the show, and Justice is concerned that announcers make him seem like a screw-up. Firestar tries to console him, but Justice worries that he won't be able to prove himself with his broken leg.

The announcers switch to reporting on the love triangle between the Vision, Wonder Man, and the Scarlet Witch while the latter two visit the Grim Reaper(Wonder Man's brother) in the hospital. They arrive to find the hospital trashed. One of the survivors tells Wonder Man that his brother was taken by the attacking robots.

The Triune Understanding, along with their resident hero Triathlon, watch the report on the Avengers battle with Pagan. The report is interrupted by breaking news that a senior vice-president of Osborn Chemical is being held hostage by Firebrand and a group called the Flaming Sword. The terrorists are threatening to kill him unless Osborn stops their "chemical abuse" of Third World nations.

The Avengers arrive on the scene. While Vision rescues the hostage, Thor and his teammates make short work of Firebrand and the remaining terrorists. The media arrive and start harassing the Avengers and accusing them of religious bigotry against the Triune Understanding.

As "That's Amazing" goes off the air, the metallic figure from the beginning of the issue is revealed to be Ultron. As he monologues a threat against the Avengers, we see that someone else is monitoring him.

4 page history of Ultron containing scenes from previous comics


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