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A Comic Book reader from the begining, Danielles favorite was a costumed heroine called The Avenger.  
Danielle took the arrival of Brittany Diggers who was currently stuck in her Hybrid form, (Were's without training can only change forms once every 24 hours when not under the effects of a full moon - Brittany had changed without knowing how to change back.), to her high school as a good sign and was facinated by the were-cheetah. They became fast and lifelong friends.

They had an adventure or two as Pink Avenger and The Cheetah during those times in high school which affirmed for Danielle that that was what she wanted to do. Out of High school she went on to college became a lawyer in New York. There she took up the role of the superhero Avenger and has been "hero - ing" it up ever since.   




Super Hero

    In New York - Avenger quickly made a name for herself in both the Superhero, (Agency Zero), and the SuperVillian societies. Interestingly enough, both sides find her to be a pain.  This is because she refuses to go "undercover" as a hero with Agency Zero, because she believes she serves a dual purpose in being a visable deterent to crime, and  of course because she interferes with the schemes of active super villiany. 
     She has no super powers but is a very intelligent Olympic class athelete with martial arts, Weapon use, and a tech base that allows her crime fight effectivly. She has the trained dexterity to perform acrobatic manuevers and do things like Swing from building to building as a form of transportation and catch a thrown knife out of the air w/o injuring herself.



 Her Primary weapon is a long handled Hammer. whose head is roughly as long as the width of her body. By feats - it is    light enough for her to use yet durable enough to shatter a weapon-class blade being used against her.

In Action
In Action

      Her secondary weapon is a "glue stick baton" that is adjustable and allows her to swing between buildings.  It can also be used to snare opponents.  
Though it has yet to be discussed, by feats her costume is of a durable material  much sturdier than conventional daily wear and has been shown to be proof  from minor explosions and wear and tear that had shreaded regular clothing worn by others in the same situations.


1.          Friends - In addition to Brittany Diggers, Danielle has one other reported friend - Barbara Duncan, the super heroine "Crush".  They were a crime fighting team until Crush was blackmailed by Crime syndicate-X to work alongside Supervillians. Currently Crush was serving time at a federal prison even though she has been a model prisoner and has been offered parole. 
2.         Romance – No known relationship.   
As of this writing The Avenger is STILL working out of New York  being Monitored by Agency Zero, but left to fight crime in her own way.

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