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    Avatar Kyoshi was the earthbender Avatar preceding Avatar Roku. Kyoshi was the founder of the Kyoshi Warriors from Kyoshi Island. They adopted her traditional weapons, manner of dress, and style of fighting.

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    After Avatar Kuruk, Kyoshi was chosen as the next Avatar. She is from the Earth Kingdom. Kyoshi is the oldest person recorded in the Avatarverse. She lived until two hundred and thirty years of age. Kyoshi is very tall, even as a child she was often mistaken for a teenager due to her height. She towers over most people, and she also possessed the largest feet of any Avatar. Although she is mostly seen in full armor and make-up, she has brown hair, tanned skin (from all that time working outdoors) and freckles on her face.

    Kyoshi’s mother was named Jesa. She was a rouge Air Noman nun. Her father was named Hark, and he was an Earth Kingdom outlaw with a long running history in performance arts. The two of them were criminals who lead a gang call The Flying Opera Company. When Kyoshi was just a young child (only five or six of age), her parents abandoned her in town called Yokoya. This was not a kind place to Kyoshi as the townspeople treated her like garbage. It was a rough childhood full of struggle and misery until one day a monk named Kelsang and an earthbender named Jianzhu came to her town in search of the next Avatar. They preformed the toy test on all the children. It was an ancient test to determine who the next Avatar would be. None of them passed. Kyoshi tried to steal a toy and run away. Kelsang took pity on her and decided to take her in. Kyoshi then had her upbringing at the Avatar’s mansion, where she was a servant there and became a friend to Yun, the boy they thought was the Avatar.


    Kyoshi is a hard worker and a survivor having grown up on the streets and sometimes not having any food. She was bullied a lot and had very low self-esteem. She is immensely protective of her few friends and loved ones, she would die for them. She is awkward and humble. She is a neat freak and loves having things organized. Kyoshi naturally wants to do good but she is not afraid to kill her enemies if she has too which makes her different from other Avatars we have seen.


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