Character » Avalanche appears in 44 issues.

    The successor of the original Avalanche, this unknown mutant seemingly has the same powers as the original. He has joined the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

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    Not much is known about this new mutant that succeeded the first (and reformed) Avalanche after he died. At first, it was thought that the new Avalanche was in fact the revived original one, but Kitty Pryde found out that this was not the case, since he sounded different then the original Avalanche and acted different. He was soon marked as 'a person with no imagination whom just took the role of the original one".


    The second Avalanche was created by Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf and first appeared in X-Men: Gold Vol.2 issue 1 (2017)

    Major Story Arcs

    With the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

    The new Avalanche joined a group of villains, lead by the mutant Mesmero, and called themselves the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. They attacked the United Nations building in order to show humankind that the mutants where not to be messed with.


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