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    Automan, the Automatic man was an android created by Professor Miller Sterling. He made a career as a robot-for-hire and bodyguard.

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    Conceived and constructed by Professor Miller Sterling, Automan was the first graduate of Robot Tech, an institute for higher learning designed exclusively for mechanical men. At RobotTech, "computer men" were fed a wealth of information via intricate teaching computers.

    Dubbed Automan by his creator, robot # 32196 was hired as everything from a mechanical manservant to a bodyguard for a beautiful blonde actress.

    Constructed of entirely meteorite manganese, Automan survives in the 21st century. He would later meet Star Hawkins, a private detective. He would life bond with Hawkins robotic secretary Ilda. Star Hawkins and Ilda would later move to Hardcore Station with Ilda in the early 21st century. It is unknown what happened to Automan.

    Major Story Arcs


    Automan joined with other scientific geniuses to create the entity of Enginehead. Rosie, of the Demolition Team, Brainstorm, Doctor Cyber, Ford, and Emil Hamilton helped make up Enginehead. Automan was suppose to be the mind but due to some freak occurrence Ford got that position. At some point later Enginehead is separated but Automan is not seen again.

    In this series it is revealed that Otto felt he needed male genitalia to feel complete, but in a flashback Professor Sterling told him no it's obscene. Otto tried to argue but Professor kept saying no.


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