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    British super spy and International Man of Mystery

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    The son of super spy Nigel Powers and twin brother of Douglas Powers, Austin Powers was born and raised in England. As a young man he attended the British Intelligence Academy, where he was in the same year as Dr Evil. Despite Dr Evil being the better student, Austin was awarded the Academy's International Man of Mystery Award, a fact which earned him the simmering resentment of Dr Evil. After graduation he joined the Ministry of Defence where he works as a spy. As a cover, he also works as a photographer. In 1967 he has himself cryogenically preserved in a bid to capture Dr Evil, now his arch-nemesis, who has been similarly preserved and launched into space. The pair are thawed in 1997, where Austin struggles to come to terms with the future he has found himself in. 


    Austin Powers was created by Mike Myers, who wrote the film in which the character first appears as well as portraying him onscreen.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Powers is a skilled secret agent, and proficient in armed and unarmed fighting, as well as being skilled in disguise and infiltration. He is also incredibly attractive to the opposite sex and has noted sexual prowess, represented by his "mojo". 

    In Other Media

    Powers was originally created for the Austin Powers series of movies. He appears as the protagonist in all three movies, and is played by Mike Myers.

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