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    A clone of Jim Harper (The Guardian) created to protect Metropolis in the wake of Superman's death. He escaped to the stars with knowledge of Superman's genetic code.

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    Auron was created by Project Cadmus to contain the code for Superman's DNA after his death. Auron, being rebellious, left the project. He swore to protect the Man of Steel's legacy from these mischief making scientists. That's when he left Earth in order to reach this goal.

    Superman, after returning to life, eventually encountered Auron while stranded in deep space. Auron had just been beaten by Massacre. Massacre had just attacked and killed a passing starship. Initially, Auron didn't believe Superman was who he claimed he was. It didn't take long before Superman convinced him he was the real deal.

    Auron would agree to assist Superman to fight Massacre. He went with Superman to help him bring Massacre to justice. During the battle, Massacre shot and killed Auron with an energy blast, and then left. Thinking he failed Superman, Auron died. Superman buries Auron on an isolated planet.

    His data pack, which contained the information regarding Superman's DNA, was recovered by the Skimmer. The Skimmer was a scavenger and scrap metal merchant who followed Massacre, and was a narrator in the Adventures of Superman #509. The Skimmer used the pack to pay a bar tab. After that, the info on Superman's DNA was lost.

    Powers and Abilities


    • made of metallic alloy
    • flight
    • doesn't need to eat, rest, breathe, or sleep to survive


    • Has a jet pack containing a binary computer cyber-linked into his mind.


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