Character » Auron appears in 29 issues.

    Auron is possessed of almost god-like powers. He travels across the heavens on a light bridge of his own creation. He is X'Hal's reluctant messenger of death.

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    Kidnapped by the alien Psions, the Okaaran woman X'Hal was forced to take part in an insidious experiment in genetics, and was mated with a brutal Branx warrior in the hope of creating an entirely new species as their offspring.

    The mating produced 2 children, one who became the first Citadelian, the other the being called Lambien.

    The Citadelian left Okaara when X'Hal went mad and destroyed three of Vega's planets in her fury.  Lambien, however, was raised by X'Hal once the Warlords of Okaara found a way to harness the incredible power accidentally granted her by the Psion's experiment.  Lambien received some of X'Hal's energy powers and became herself - appointed guardian on Okaara.

    When the Omega Men escaped the Citadel's rule, Lambien joined them.  During their interstellar travels, Lambien's powers began to grow, and fearing he would repeat his mother's insanity, he placed himself into an energy dampner.

    Despite this, by the time the Omega Men reached Earth, Lambien's powers matched those of his mother.  On Earth, he took the new name Auron, and along with the Omega Men defeated a Gordanian fleet of Citadel slavers before returning to the Vega system where they helped to end the Citadel's tyranny.


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