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    Member of the Inhuman Security Task Force. She was unintentionaly killed by Black Bolt when he was under the influance of Maximus the Mad. More recently, she came back to life.

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    Auran was part of the Inhuman race and became part of the primary security force for the Inhumans after the events that led to the fall of the city of Attilan in the New York Harbor Bay.


    Auran was created by Charles Soule and Pepe Larraz and first appeared in Inhuman issue 7 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs

    Inhuman Case to Solve

    Auran was partnered with NuHuman Nur and were tasked by Medusa to find Black Bolt. Auran and Nur managed to find Black Bolt, captured by his brother Maximus. When Auran and Nur tried to arrest Maximus, he mind-controlled Black Bolt into using his powers, seemingly killing Auran and wounding her partner, Nur. Auran was survived by her twin daughters.


    Some months after her death, Auran's twin daughters where still filled with grief. They started making a plan that would bring their mother back to life. This plan included a fellow-Inhuman named Reader, who's power was, among others, to 'make the things that he read come to life'. The twins started making a book of all the things they knew of their mother, as well as what other people could tell them about her. They then asked Reader to read the book, which indeed brought Auran back to life. However, all was not well, as the new Auran only had the memories of what people knew of her, and not her own memories.

    Other Versions

    Secret Wars

    Auran was a part of the Inhumans once more in the Secret Wars tie-in series "Inhumans: Attilan Rising". It appears that Auran did not die in this seemingly altered reality.

    Other Media

    Live Action


    Sonya Balmores as Auran in Inhumans
    Sonya Balmores as Auran in Inhumans

    Auran becames Head of the Royal Guards after Maximus takes over the throne of Attilan. She is played by Sonya Balmores.


    Marvel Avengers Academy

    Auran in Avengers Academy
    Auran in Avengers Academy

    Auran is a playable character. She was released during the Inhumans event. She is voiced by Evelyn Huynh


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