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Aura's Ravers admission stamp
Aura's Ravers admission stamp

Lindsay Wah is a Chinese-American teenage mutant living in Hong Kong with powerful magnetic controlling powers. Lindsey is an attractive but troubled girl, always seeming to have a vicious streak in her interaction with others, particularly with her distant father.

She would be tormented by the emotional trauma all because of her guilt for allowing her father to frame her for the death of her mother. Lindsay's father had killed her mother and framed her because he hated them both for being filthy mutants.

Taking the secret costumed identity of Aura she ran away and eventually wound up at intergalactic dance party known as the Event Horizon. Aura's harsh temperament and aloof attitude attracted the most popular clique nicknamed the Fashion Police.

Together with her friends Sparx, Half-Life, and Hero-Cruz she than left the Fashion Police. Aligning with Superboy, this group became known as the Ravers, and with special hand stamps were able to teleport from anywhere to the Event Horizon. Aura would go on several adventures with Superboy and the Ravers until the team disbanded.

Aura was also later seen joining along with Young Justice and an army of other teenage heroes battling the minions of Agua Sin Gaaz, in the super-villain nation of Zandia.

Aura at Warriors' Bar
Aura at Warriors' Bar

When the Ravers visited Metropolis, Aura drank both Blue Beetle II and Booster Gold under the table at Guy Gardner's Warriors' bar. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are hitting on Aura at the bar, using some of the worst pick-up lines possible. Aura, enjoying the attention, orders drinks named after the bar patron Loose Cannon.

Sometime later, Aura went to Hong Kong to confront her father for the murder of her mother. Her father had shrewdly covered up the murder and made the evidence point at Aura committing the murder. When Aura confronted her wealthy father, police began charging into the building but her rage fueled her intense powers laying waste to them. Aura forced her father to confess to the killing and than made him admit he had done it because of his hateful bigotry at them being mutants.

Aura was considered by the Teen Titans to become a member when they were planning a membership drive. However Cyborg told them that she was a binge-drinker and he didn't approve of her being in the team. In the end she was not approached for membership.

Powers & Abilities

armored up and ready for battle
armored up and ready for battle

Aura's mutant nature allows her remarkable control over magnetism, allowing her to have mastery over virtually anything thats polarized.

Aura would use these magnetic abilities to levitate and fly, create polarized force fields, generate concussive magnetic blasts, and attract, repel, and manipulate the structure of anything metallic.

She often used her powers of magnetism to build herself metallic suits of armor when going into battle.

Aura also was given a sentient Mother-Box, a small, computerized intelligence, created by the New Gods.They have many various capabilities, including intergalactic transportation and energy manipulation.

Created by the New God Himon and are thought of as supercomputers but their true purpose and origins are unknown to the New Gods.

They have also been known to self-destruct when their owner dies. It is yet seen how close Aura's ties are to her Mother-Box.

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