Aunt Hope

    Character » Aunt Hope appears in 8 issues.

    Hope is a trained assassin and is Jubilee's aunt.

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    Origin and History


    Hope was involved with the crime world as a trained assassin, hired by mob bosses to perform certain tasks of expertise.

    She made contact with the X-Men after hearing about her niece, Jubilee, whom she presumed to be dead when the girl's parents were murdered. Jubilee moved in with her aunt Hope, who was more than gracious to her. Hope gave Jubilee a cell phone, moped, and a completely furnished bedroom in order to make her stay more comfortable.

    She would constantly sneak out of the house to go on missions with her butler and partner, Brad, while Jubilee was there. This oftentimes led to her coming home injured, causing her to lie to her niece about the situation.

    Realizing that she had a responsibility to take care of her niece Jubilee, Hope decided to call it quits on the mob business. Her boss, however, became disgruntled, and sent his goons after both Hope and Brad. While Jubilee was at her new home with her friends Shane Shooter a Wolverine, Hope and Brad rushed into the house to get away from the criminals. Thus, a fight ensued. Jubilee and Shane used their energy powers to fend off the thugs, while Wolverine sliced their weapons and knocked them silly. Hope and Brad used acrobatics and firearms to defend themselves, until Brad was shot in the shoulder. Making a last ditch effort to end the battle, Hope ordered Jubilee and the others out of the house. As soon as they got to the sidewalk, the house blew up with the thugs and presumably Jubilee's aunt hope inside.

    Jubilee left with Wolverine to go back to the Xavier Institute as a result. Hope, however, was mysteriously seen lying damaged but still alive in a park. Parts of her body were broken off to reveal that she was part robot."


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