Aunt Clau

    Character » Aunt Clau appears in 2 issues.

    The leader of an organized crime ring which specializes in kidnapping their victims and removing their vital organs to sell on the Black Market.

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    Aunt Clau (sometimes spelled Aunt Claw) is the leader of a group known as the Body Snatchers. It is unknown why her hand is a gigantic claw or how she got into the crime business, but it appears as if she's been in the business for quite some time given the number of organs her and her partners have for sale.


    Aunt Clau was created by Bob Burden for his series, The Flaming Carrot.

    Major Story Arcs

    Night of the Hunted

    Aunt Clau and her crime group, the Bodysnatchers, are introduced. It is discovered in this issue that she has a terrible temper, stating that she'd snip off the head of anyone who admittedly didn't like her.

    Destruction of the Bodysnatchers

    With the introduction of Aunt Clau and her organization in the last story, this one feature's them in their element, using chloroformed baloney to knock-out and kidnap people, then chopping them up into bits while stealing their organs. After a plethora of bodies have been obtained she meets with some organ dealers from Hong Kong who wish to buy some of her products; however, due to Aunt Clau's children messing with the organs and playing a multitude of pranks the dealers are unimpressed with Clau's wares.

    Aunt Clau is seen again after her children locate and capture the Flaming Carrot; however, she quickly turns the tables on them after the Flaming Carrot informs her that they were mugging people. This causes a fight to break out between Aunt Clau and her children who claim that their powers are better than her claw. During the fight she ends up cutting the head off of one of the children, Quacky, which sends the others into a rage thus causing them to kill her.

    Powers & Abilities

    Aunt Clau's left hand has been mutated into some sort of freakish claw. It is unknown if the claw is made of metal or organic material, it is also unknown if she was born with the claw or if it is the cause of some horrific body modifications.


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