August General in Iron

    Character » August General in Iron appears in 121 issues.

    A member of the Chinese superteam, The Great Ten. He formerly was a member of Justice League International.

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    Fang Zhifu was the leader of a special combat unit known as a Xeno-Team for the Chinese government. The Xeno-Teams responsibilities were to respond to alien attacks. When a spaceship crashed in Qinghai Province, Fang and his team were sent to attack and capture one of the aliens. The aliens were known as the Durlans and after their living ship had been shot down they used a biological attack, by shifting themselves into an alien Bacteria. Fang successfully defeated the aliens with the loss of most of his team and catching the disease.

    The Chinese were able to provide an experimental treatment for Fang, but the side effects were good and bad. His strength had been greatly increased but his skin began growing rusty plates of iron. His fiance broke off their engagement, but the Chinese government was very interested in his new abilities. With the technology that was reverse engineered from the Durlan space craft, three other members of the Great Ten were created and a new Chinese super team was formed.

    August Iron General appeared in the first seven weeks of the 52 series. He leads the Great Ten. China then joins Black Adam's coalition and send him to the talks with Russia's Rocket Red. When black Adam goes crazy the Great Ten try to stop him but August must authorize the US heroes coming into China to fight.

    Checkmate went to China to find out who was spying there for Kobra. The Great Ten intervened and subsequently there was a fight between the two teams before the Prime Minister and Alan Scott intervened and found out who was the traitor. This made China change it's veto on Checkmate.

    August Iron General became a Bishop, for the government organisation known as Checkmate though this is presumed that he is there only to spy for the Chinese Government is has been revealed that he has a lover in Ghost Fox Killer, a fellow hero in the Great Ten. Their relationship developed when they first met, Ghost Fox Killer being unable to touch others, August General was unaffected by her touch. Because of his appearance, no normal woman would ever want to touch him, so together they both found something special.

    Major Story Arcs


    For more information see: Checkmate: Chimera

    August General acting as the Black King's Bishop is in Checkmate Castle monitoring three large beast who appear all over the globe. When August learns one beast is in China he asks Taleb Beni Khalid to go and stop it but he is denied.

    The Signal Masters

    For more information see: The Signal Masters

    Andre Briggs has put together a new Justice League, this one having representatives from around the world and beholden to the UN. August Iron General acts as the Chinese representation. He and Rocket Red butt heads right away but Booster Gold, the team leader convinces them both to get along for the sake of the team.

    The Teams first mission is to go to Peru to locate several missing UN personnel, there they are attacked by a giant robot. August and Rocket Red take turn saving each others lives, but when Ice is badly wounded Booster orders a retreat. This doesn't sit well with some of the team but August along with Batman and Godiva come to Booster's side.

    Then, when 3 more giant robots show up, Booster splits the teams of two. August and Godiva go to Canada, where they find an underground cavern under the robot there but while searching cavern they are over run by mud-men. They are capture then teleported to Peru where they find Booster and the rest of the team. There they meet and battle Peraxxus the man behind the giant robots. They are over powered and Peraxxus leaves them to die.

    The team surrives and sneaks aboard Peraxxus's ship. Booster breaks the team into two groups, August is in the group that goes for Peraxxus, while Batman, Rocket Red and Ice take over the ship controls. August is able to hit Peraxxus but it isn't until Godiva takes away Peraxxus's staff that the team is victorious. Peraxxus escapes again but this time the team crashes his ship into one of the giant robots shutting them all down.

    Later, while some of the team is cleaning up the wreckage of Peraxxus's ship August and Godiva go out for a hotdog. August tries to explain to Godiva that he is proud of her, even though she thinks she is in over her head. While August is explaining that the metal around his body is now his skin, Breakdown tries to blow up the UN but August stops him and Godiva defuses the bomb.

    This prompts August to interrupt Booster while he is giving his presentation to the UN counsel. August begs Council Women Boa, the Chinese councilwomen to keep the group together. She agrees and the team is reintroduced to the public but terrorist attack and blow a bomb under the team's stage.

    Powers and Weapons

    His skin is an armored "biometal" and he uses an energy staff which can fire blasts or streams of energy. The iron plating that is his skin is extremely durable and gives the General super strength.

    The Bio-metallic plates are actually the Generals Skin. His genetic code was altered sufficiently by the Durlan shape-shifters shifting their forms into an infectious bacterial load, that ultimately changed the physical forms of a number of Fang's team. His powers are based on his altered physical form.


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