Aubrey Billingsley

    Character » Aubrey Billingsley appears in 11 issues.

    Found one of Lady Luck's lucky horseshoes.

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    Aubrey is an overweight nerd, who found one of Lady Luck's horse shoes while at an antique store, which gave him luck that ultimately suited him and his selfish needs. He has encountered Jack, while not personally but has been at two scenes where he was. The first was in oddly enough in the first issue, where Jack crashed and his suite case of money, open. To which Aubrey took full advantage of, but cared little that other people were hurt during the accident. Feeling he could use the horseshoe for a more greater rich scheme, he and a friend Jody went to Las Vegas. This was where Jack Horner, Gary, and Noelle and had just come, during which Jack was having a personal fight against Lady Luck for having been involved with his wife Holly Wagner and her father's deaths. 
    Aubrey, mostly with the help of the horseshoe, made a great progress in the casino winnings, but that caught of the attention of Dan Ferrell. Dan saw him as a possibilty of a sacrifice for Lady Luck and attempted to take him away. In desperation, he tosses to Jody (who catches it) who then runs off. Aubrey, however gives a very futile attempt but is taken by Dan. When they ask him about the horseshoe, Aubrey immediately betrays Jody and tells him that he has it. But as he's about to be prepared for Lady Luck to eat, Jack and Gary come for a sort of final showdown with her. They release Aubrey and put Noelle in his place to trick Lady Luck. Its assumed Aubrey eventually found his way back to the city and caught up with Jody, who still had the horseshoe. While Aubrey wanted to keep it, Jody had gotten very sick of being good luck and tossed it away. While he at first moaned over losing it, Aubrey would soon brighten up.
    A now real woman, Noelle would approach them.Since Noelle was naively new to the world and had no home, she asked to stay with Aubrey. Aubrey, saw it as a chance to take full advantage of her. It appears they became lovers. Aubrey would make a final appearance in Jack of Fables 47, set ten years later. He apparently got Noelle pregnant. The two got married at some point and had two children a son Luke, and a daughter named Eowyn. The marriage was shown to be somewhat dysfunctional, how much is not really known.
    Aubrey apparently knows that Noelle was once a store mannequin but Noelle quickly dismissed that. This could mean that either Noelle has blocked out her memories, simply forgotten, or just believes Aubrey to be delusional. Aubrey has not changed much from his younger self, besides wearing more casual clothes and has apparently given up his nerdy behavior. But he does tend to berate Noelle, saying that she's nothing without him. Noelle on the other hand is the more calm and loving parent. She has also expressed regret marrying him, stating she was too naive. 
    Aubrey dragged his family over to the Dino Diner and Assorted Attractions. Its unknown what happened after they left, but apparently Noelle had enough of Aubrey's behavior. As Aubrey was seen in issue 48, with a friend Mike to see the Wild Man of the Grand Canyon aka Wicked John. Its revealed Noelle left him and took the children. Its not really known what happened to him when Wicked John broke loose, but its assumed he's still alive. Making him one of the few minor characters to be alive.


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