Character » Attackoid appears in 2 issues.

    An A.I.M. creation designed to possess the fighting skills of the Black Widow.

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    The Attackoid was a sophisticated mobile combat unit created by AIM scientist. Black Widow was captured by AIM soldiers and a scientist was going to put her through the transference process where her speed, agility and reflexes were going to be programmed into the android. The scientist activated the process but it was interrupted by Hawkeye. The Avenger freed Tasha and discovered numerous canisters containing human brains. Suddenly the Attackoid came to life and started attacking the two heroes. The android had numerous offensive capabilities and wore various containers full of chemicals which it used to change the physical composition of its body. During the fierce battle, Tasha managed to wrap her widow's line around the throat of the android while Hawkeye placed an explosive-tipped arrow into its mouth. Black Widow clamped the android's jaw shut while the arrow exploded. The Attackoid was destroyed and Project Brain Drain was in jeopardy. 
    Powers & Abilities:
    The Attackoid is a powerful android with numerous offensive capabilities. The android possessed the physical prowess and skills of the Black Widow due to the transference process. The android wore various containers full of chemicals which it used to change the physical composition of its body. It used the chemicals to increase its temperature to melt off a cable arrow that was wrapped around him. The android could also shoot flames, noxious gas and electro-blasts from his hands. The android had enhanced durability, strength and resistance to injury.


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