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Atom'X was born Randall Buroughs on the outer United Planets world of Xanthu. One of the few denizens with superhuman abilities, he was quickly recruited into the planet's fledging team of super-heroes called the Uncanny Amazers. Despite the fact he was not an initial member, joining at some point after Atmos, Star Boy, and Kid Quantum, Randall had an assertive personality and often took charge among the Amazers. He was their main representative when the team met a squad of Legionnaires, eager to entice Star Boy to leave the Legion and rejoin the Amazers. Atom'X was pitted against several Legionnaires in a cage match for Star Boy's membership, ultimately losing when Kid Quantum II turned on them.
When the sorcerer Mordru rose and threatened the United Planets after gathering several powerful artifacts, a cry for help was sent out to groups like the Uncanny Amazers. Their prefect declared it too risky to send the entire team, but Atom'X and two other Amazers were selected to assist the Legionnaires in defeating him. Headstrong, Atom'X rushed into battle to face Mordru alone before a plan had been properly formulated. Mordru met the hero, fending off his atomic blast and turning it against Atom'X. His body was obliterated and Atom'X was honored as dead.  He had a memorial statue erected in Legion Headquarters.
A part of Atom'X survived though as an energy field, containing his essence and eventually mixing with the essence of another casualty - Blast-Off of the Workforce. The two were an intangible, unseen mass of energy that wandered the battle site of Mordru for some time until they were detected by Dirk Morgna and his energy detection vision. The Legion and several metallurgist went to work on containing the energy, Saturn Girl being the one to discover it was sentient and who it was. They created a special, humanoid suit that housed this anti-energy Frankenstein of two people which allowed it to speak. The two decided to rebrand themselves as a singular entity, combining their name into Drake Burroughs. They went by ERG-1 and then eventually, Wildfire.

Powers and Abilities

Atom'X had complete kinetic control over atomic energy and the atoms that composed it. He could fire concussive, searing blasts to damage his opponents. The range and intensity of this ability is unknown, but was at least several meters. Catalyzing the atoms beneath his feet into atomic energy could enable him to fly, leaving behind a light crackling effect. This same effect was present whenever he used his powers on other objects to rapidly vibrate their atoms, leaving enough space for him to travel physically through these objects in a phasing effect. It was never clarified if this atom-kinesis was possible on living beings.

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