Trodorne's Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #1 - A Voyage of Discovery review

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OTR #52: Going down down down....

Writer: Brian Clevinger

Artist: Scott Wegener

Color: Nick Filardi

Letters: Jeff Powell

Its like a bad taste in your mouth that you can't quite scrape out no matter how many honey filled sandwiches you jam into you. No matter how many honey sandwiches you eat you just end up with diabetes. So off the shelves I decided to try something I have not touched on in single issue form in a while now. Now to be honest here I went into this series with high expectations of Dr.Dinosaur showing up. So lets get into the review and see how they did.

The Good:

Paper work gets to us all at some point.
Paper work gets to us all at some point.

Story- Brian Clevinger brings us back to modern day tale after the last volume taking place in World War 2. This time Robo's name is being dragged in the mud and nukes have gone missing with him being the center of the blame. Getting his mind off the problem he leaves Tesladyne Island to investigate some strange goings on in Venezuela, I like the humour that comes up once in a while for this. especially so when then try to lighten the serious situations. One thing I love about the writing for this series is Robo and how he acts very human like the rest of us with sometimes forgetting he is a robo.

Absolute best part for me was the return of Dr.Dinosaur though his part was small in this issue he makes his presence all worth the wait.

Art: I have to say not much is changed in terms of art. which is great consistency. I always enjoyed Scott Wegener's art as it captures the humour and seriousness that runs so well together in the smart science series....literation right there folks. Its a classic case why fix what ain't broke.

On of the parts I also love and when they bring it in. is showing the insanity in Dr.Dinosaurs face and expressions of just how crazy this lizard is. Again for the record I am going to say he is cunning but is not a genius.

The Bad:

Shoot now before he has a chance to distract you!
Shoot now before he has a chance to distract you!

Story- Not enough Dr.Dinosaur, I know they are weaving two plots into one comic. but the bloody reptiles name is on the cover.

Art - No problem to speak of.


Overall this is a great start to this volume. For the love of Applesauce, Based on what I have read so far this could be the best volume yet for the Atomic Robo series. I give this issue a solid 4 out of 5. it was great but left me wanting more and have to wait till next month.
This is a must read if you are fans of science type stories like Think Tank, If you read Superior Spider-man or Invincible, This is a series worth checking out for issue 1. Its a must grab for all of us science geeks. Red 5 Really made this fun.

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