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Terrific first issue

Atomic Robo! Jenkins! And the return of Dr. Dinosaur! (Seriously, I shouldn't have to sell you any more on picking this one up.)

Set after Atomic Robo's name has been tarnished due to the public's belief he might have had something to do with the theft of nuclear weapons on 8/11, six of which are still unaccounted for, our story finds our intrepid robotic scientist/adventurer getting out of town with a team for what most of them assume is nothing more than a wild goose chase in the jungles of Venezuela near an old Nazi science base. Of course things get infinitely more complicated by the arrival of Dr. Dinosaur!

Even though Dr. Dinosaur doesn't show up until the final few pages there's a lot to enjoy here including the usual insanity such as Jenkins and his team dealing with someone continuing to try and frame Atomic Robo and Tesladyne by shipping one of the missing nuclear weapons back to them and the beginnings of Atomic Robo and his team's investigation.

One final note, I'd acutally rate this a 4.5 which I upgraded here to a 5. You can find more of my reviews (with images) on RazorFine Reviews

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