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    The First of the “Atomic Age” Heroes

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    While experimenting with uranium 235 shortly after news of the the first A bomb had been  released scientist Adam Mann suffered a strange reaction and found himself changed into a new type of being. A being who was immune not only to the effects of the most lethal radiations but also ordinary electricity and flame and even bullets.

    At the same time he found he had become immensely strong, able to see radiation that was invisible to normal humans and his right hand now radiated a vast amount of gamma radiation which he able to use in a variety of ways from blasting holes in brick walls, to influencing the minds of others, the rest of the time he found he had to wear a lead glove to protect others from this radiation form leaking out and harming them.

    Knowing that the element that had given him his powers could and would be used by others for evil he took the identity of Atomic - Man and dedicated himself to fighting those who might who would try to pervert it’s use, along with any other criminals, mad scientists or communists who fell under the glow of his right hand.


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