Character » Atlez appears in 9 issues.

    Formerly cosmic being located in another reality that is responsible for anchoring the 616 reality into existence.

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    The being known as Atlez is responsible fore anchoring actuality from falling into an astral abyss. The role is given from one being to another after the predecessor dies. It is a thankless and lonely duty. The changing of guardians usually takes place without incident.  
    After the a battle between the Avengers, the Time-Keepers, Kang and Immortus, the time stream was damaged and the newest successor just a young girl named Atleza Langunn. Atlez sought out Adam Warlock to assist him in transferring the girl the information she would need to fulfill her destiny. Unable to contact anyone from his reality, Atlez used a meteor to try to release a creation of Thanos known as Armour. He placed within him 'Adam Warlock is the key to oblivion," hoping that the nihilist creation would awaken Warlock from his cocoon. Unfortunately, the meteor awakened four other of the Thanosi and took things out of Altez's control.   
    Adam Warlock managed to find Atlez and learned of the situation. He learned that the past two years he could not remember due to the transfer of the information Atleza would need to find the realm. But the Thanosi Mystic and Warrior managed to find Atlez, who they planned to kill to bring about oblivion. Adam Warlock with the help of Doctor Strange was able to stop them before they could end all of reality.  
    Doctor Strange and Moondragon took turns keeping Altez alive long enough for Warlock and Gamora to return with his replacement.     


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