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    Atlee, from sub-world of Strata, now lives as the super-heroine Terra on the surface-world. She is the third person to use the name Terra, and the first one who is not an exact physical copy of the others (Only genetically)

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    It was in recent times (in issue 12 of Supergirl's series) that a dark-haired teen whose powers mimicked that of the original Terra appeared in various places around the world, saving lives and disappearing just as quickly. No one on the surface world knew her origins. When asked by Power Girl, she later revealed her name to be Atlee. She took the name of Terra only when Geo-Force, brother of the original Terra, told her that he would be proud to have someone like her take the name originally given to his sister and later her doppleganger. Atlee originated in Strata, a sub-terrestrial city of alien origin, which watched humanity grow from the days of its infancy. Atlee was chosen as their next ambassador to the surface world, as she exhibited a rare trait that would allow a combination of alien elements and genetic alteration to give her geokinetic abilities.

    The second Terra had these same traits, and they had sent her to the surface as well, but she went crazy because her mind was placed in a body based on that of the first Terra. Atlee, the third woman named Terra, was not put in body based on the original Terra, so she did not have mental problems. Her original form was modified to appear as a human female, so that she would appear in a form the surface world would find more appealing.

    Terra's origin
    Terra's origin

    With a responsibility to both the surface world and Strata, Terra is constantly kept busy. While she has encountered other heroes, such as Supergirl, Power Girl, and the Teen Titans, fighting foes such as Silver Banshee, she presently goes about on her own path.


    Atlee was created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray in Supergirl #12.

    Character Evoluation

    At first, she was a stranger to everyone she met and didn't understand humans. Eventually through the help of Power Girl, she became acquainted with humans and their customs.

    Major Story Arcs

    Saving Manhattan

    Atlee and Power girl
    Atlee and Power girl

    Despite her many duties, she is seeking ways to integrate herself more into surface world society, a task that Power Girl is aiding her with. She maintains a close association with Power Girl, who provides her with insight on surface world customs and culture, and is her closest surface friend. Their most recent team up occurs when the Ultra-Humanite uprooted the entire island of Manhattan and held it hostage, threatening to drop it and kill its 8 million inhabitants if Power Girl didn't allow him to transfer his mind into her body. After the insane ape-man is dealt with, Power Girl contacts Atlee to get her help in safely restoring the island to its original location. Atlee, positioned upside-down beneath the island, grows continental bedrock miles into the air to catch the island. She then asks Power Girl to cut the cables tethering the island to the Ultra-Humanite's flying vessel.

    The island lands on the raised bedrock spires, and Atlee lowers it back into its place. She then proceeds to do the long task of repairing the broken rock, subway tunnels and similar subterranean structures that are vital to New York's existence.

    Brain Swap

    Power Girl vs an Ultra Humanite controlled Terra
    Power Girl vs an Ultra Humanite controlled Terra

    Later on her brain was swapped with Ultra-Humanite's by Satanna (who still had some feelings for him). With her body, Ultra-Humanite attacks Power Girl but is defeated and knocked unconscious. Power Girl then tracks down Satanna who is keeping Atlee in Ultra-Humanite's burned body. When she refuses to swap their brains Power Girl cuts off her arm with her heat vision. She then takes Atlee and Ultra-Humanite to Strata but Ultra-Humanite wakes up and starts to fight Power Girl again in Atlee's body. Atlee however tells Power Girl that they have cloning technology in Strata so she can beat Ultra-Humanite as much as she wants so she beats Ultra-Humanite until he is unconscious again. She then takes Atlee's body to Aurla, Atlee's physician in Strata who's already been informed of the situation by Atlee herself. She swaps their brains back to their right bodies afterwards. Atlee then decides to stay with her parents for a few more days before returning to the surface.

    Meeting the Girls

    At one point she would team up with a huge group of female heroes against a faux alien invasion, where she became acquainted with Batgirl, Supergirl and Stargirl among others. After the conflict, she boasted that she could take Wonder Woman, a claim Stargirl does not believe.

    New 52

    After parting ways with Power Girl, Atlee ended up as a waitress in Key West, Florida. At some point after this relocation, she encountered a subterranean assassin called a Chida Monster which had been sent to kill her, apparently by someone she had once been betrothed to in Strata.

    She defeated it and sealed it in a giant iron ball beneath a trailer park, but it was able to escape following Tropical Storm Betty and attacked her and the newly-relocated Starfire. Using the Chida Monster's ability to absorb energy and grow, they managed to sink it to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

    Powers and Abilities

    Creating multiple rock spikes
    Creating multiple rock spikes

    Atlee has the power of Geokenesis. She can move and manipulate earth into various shapes and forms. She can also use this power to grant her flight via rocks. She can control numerous rocks at one time, for instance throwing several boulders at multiple targets behind her back, hitting with each one. She can simultaneously create numerous giant stone spikes from the ground, as she did when she impaled some enemy tanks. She was able to create a land bridge between two distant islands. She is apparently able to manipulate any form of mineral. For instance, she made a crystalline sphere to confine some mystical mind-controlling goo at one point. She has demonstrated a degree of superhuman durability. For instance, after getting slapped hard by a giant demigod, resulting in her flying quite a distance away, she quickly got right back up again with no apparent injury. She also is resistant to heat: she was covered in hot lava, and at first did not seem to have any injuries. After being submerged some time she suffered surface burns and passed out.

    She also can heal herself to some degree. After being burned by the lava, she went into a temporary self-induced coma. She woke up, healed, after a period of some hours.


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