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The Atlas comic company began in the 1950's after it changed it's name from Timely Comics to Atlas. Martin Goodman, the creator of Timely Comics, used Atlas as the name of his comic books during the 1950's. It was located in the Empire State Building. While Timely Comics focused more on superheroes and funny cartoon comics, Atlas often published a bit more darker subjects such as horror, crime, and thriller comics. Famous Marvel titles such as Journey Into Mystery, Strange Tales and Menace all started in the Atlas era. Some of these series can be directly traced to comics being published today. However, due to parent outcry because of the violence in these and other horror comics, Martin Goodman had to change their policy and turned most horror comics into more kid-friendly monster comics before finally changing the name of his company once again. This time he changed the name to Marvel -- a name that would last.

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