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    The founder of Atlas/ Timely/ Marvel, Martin Goodman set up Atlas Comics (a division of his Seaboard Periodicals) to produce comic books as a direct rival to Marvel. Some speculate it was revenge for his son being removed as Marvel EIC. However the line folded in mid-1975 despite drawing in some of the best artists and writers in the business at the time including: Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, Alex Toth, Steve Ditko, Rich Buckler, John Severin, Michael Fleisher, Russ Heath, Wally Wood, Walter Simonson, Larry Lieber and Mike Sekowsky. They where drawn to the new company by generous rates, return of original art, and a host of other creators rights (long before Image).

    Atlas promised much but their printing schedule and content suffered from ego and creative problems between the managers, editors and creators. Eventually the whole thing ceased. Only the men's magazine 'Swank' would survive from Seaboard's titles.

    The demise of Atlas did lead to change across the industry though when Marvel and DC began to start returning original art and offering better rates to creators. Also, Atlas' challenge to the Comics Code led to the further crumbling of the censorship system.

    In 2010, Jason Goodman, grandson of Martin Goodman, restarted Atlas Comics. "Atlas Original" has re-booted its old characters including: Grim Ghost, Phoenix, Wulf, Iron Jaw, and a crossover called Atlas Unified.

    The characters published by Atlas Comics are:


    Berithe the Swordswoman

    Blue Leopard

    Brimstone (Atlas version)

    The Brute

    The Bog Beast

    Lady Sarah Braddock

    The Comanche Kid

    The Cougar

    The Cyclops

    The Dark Avenger


    The Deiei

    Demon Hunter

    The Destructor


    Dr. Shroud


    The Dragon

    The Eye (Atlas version)

    Chris Galland

    Elisa Galland

    The Golden Fuhrer

    The Golem (Atlas version)

    The Grim Ghost

    Hellblazer (Atlas version)

    The Huntress (Atlas version)



    Kid Cody


    Sam Lomax

    Lucifer (Atlas version)

    Luke Malone, Manhunter


    John Targitt, Moonstalker

    Midnight Man and The Mystery Men

    Morlock (Atlas version)

    Mutant Queen

    The Phoenix (Atlas version)

    Professor Death

    The Protector

    The Renegade

    The Reptile Men


    The Scorpion I (Atlas version)

    The Scorpion II (Atlas version)

    Sister Siren


    Snow Devils

    Son Of Dracula

    Son of Satan

    Dr, Karlheinz Speer

    Spider Priestess

    Sgt. Hawk and the Sky Demon

    Sgt. Stryker and his Death Squad

    The Tarantula

    John Targitt

    Tiger-Man (Atlas version)

    Tippy Teen


    War Hawk

    Wulf the Barbarian

    Many of the characters have their separate pages, while others do not.


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