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    After the discovery that dialing the eight Chevron could send the Tau'ri to another galaxy, the SGC formed the Atlantis expedition.

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    Arriving in Pegasus

    When the human of earth found the location of the Ancient's lost city of Atlantis they put together an expedition to go a explore the Pegasus galaxy the city was in. Using a ZPM the team made it to the city of Atlantis but once the expedition made it and began to explore they discovered that the shield protecting the city from the water surrounding it. They needed a source of power or a new planet to call home so they began to send out teams to other worlds. One team led by Marshall Sumner with Major John Sheppard and Aiden Ford met the race known as the Athosians who told them of the race known as the Wraith while Dr. Weir and McKay tried to save the city.

    The leader Teyla said the Wraith where a species that needed to feed on humans to live and would cull planets for humans. They came to Athos and took members of both the Athosians and the Atlantis team. John Sheppard along with Teyla led a new group to find those that had been captured. Meanwhile the city shield gave out but the securities in place made the city rise to the surface before the waters crushed it.

    After finding he hive ship the Wraith took their prisoners to the team freed them but John was forced to kill Sumner so he would not be feed on by the Wraith. The Athosians where given a new home on Atlantis Teyla became apart of the team.

    War With the Wraith

    Many species of human where plagued by the Wraith but the Atlantis team soon found some had ways to fight back. The Genii a race of humans with technology close to that of ours in 50s began to build nuclear bombs they intended to use on the Wraith. The two forces intended to work together but due to disagreements of tactics the two forces are enemies.

    Another group called the Hoffins had formed a drug which would make the Wraith unable to feed on them. The drug was still in testing phase and the Atlanteans had a Wraith that could be used for testing. During they found that the drug not only repelled the Wraith but letter had a poisonous side effect. The Wraith died prompting the Hoffins to distribute the drug, but the human test subject died and it was discovered the toxic properties went both ways. Humans became sick and some died but still the Hoffins did not stop the drug.

    Later the planet Atlantis was one was revealed to actually have land despite being mostly ocean like earth however it was also discovered that at certain periods massive storms appear strong enough to destroy Atlantis and without the shield to protect it the people needed to leave the city once again. The Genii chose this time to strike and sent out a strike force. John Sheppard was forced to almost completely fight them on his own unable to get help for some time. The city was saved when Dr. McKay used lighting rods to absorb the lighting from the storm to power the shield for brief periods and the Genii had to abandon the mission.

    The Wraith however had become desperate in their search for food. After freeing the prisoners on the Hive all the Wraith were awaken too soon and didn't have enough humans to feed off of. So they began to send ships to Atlantis so they could go to earth and the the milky way galaxy and feed of those humans.

    But Atlantis had sent for reinforcements and earth not only sent a small army along with weapons but also the Daedalus and their ZPM. The team could now power the shield protecting the city but soon the Wraith began to fire continuous streams of energy at it knowing it could not hold against a continuous force with no breaks. However the team use Teyla to convince them they where willing to destroy the city so the Wraith couldn't get it and then exploded a bomb above the shield to make it look so and turned the shield into a cloak.

    Enemy of my enemy

    Meanwhile Aiden Ford had been attacked by a Wraith and was exposed to a chemical they produce that makes there prey live longer when they feed to make it more enjoyable. He was now more powerful than before, slightly scarred and mentally unstable as well as addicted to the drug and would die with out it.

    He left the team to hunt and kill Wraith and while searching for him they met Ronon Dex a runner who was being tracked and hunted by the Wraith for sport. After freeing him from the tracking device he joined the team in place of Ford who escaped aboard a Wraith dart planing to kill more Wraith on his own.

    With this new ruse the team began to go to other worlds making people believe they where living on a new planet. After confirming theories that Wraith where the production of an tick like insect called the Iratus bug feeding on ancients Dr. Carson Becket began to make a retrovirus that would removes the alien DNA. They tried it on a young Wraith girl wanting to be human named Ellia but it only made her more alien and even able to spread the transformation to Sheppard but eventually they got it right and tested it on a Wraith.

    The Wraith lost his memory and became a human under the name Michael Kenmore but needed to continually get the drug or he would become a Wraith again. His memories soon came back and he left Atlantis for the Hive, but he told the others of the drug and the Wraith came up with an idea. Many of the hives are at war with one another and do not like to share food but there is not enough to go around for each hive since they woke early so they proposed using the drug on other hives and Wraith feeding on them in return the Atlantis team would learn anything they wanted about the Wraith but the Wraith betrayed them and sent a virus into their computers.

    John Sheppard was able to sneak on board the hive and asked from help from Michael. Michael had been shunned by his people since he was now stained with being human. Eventually the team used the retrovirus on the hive taking away their memories and taking over their hive. They tried to let them live as humans even making Michael one again against his will. This didn't last and Michael and the others contacted a hive before Sheppard could have the planet blasted.


    Soon the team met what they thought where ancients. They where quite friendly they discovered they where actually the Asurans replicators of the Pegasus galaxy created by the Ancients to be weapons. However they where abandoned and almost destroyed and wanted revenge and tried to destroy the city but where stopped by a bomb on their ship.

    Eventually the team does finally meet some real living Ancients but these Ancients want the team to leave the city and take the city back. Although most of the crew does not like this idea they go along knowing it is not theirs and belongs to the Ancients. But the Asurans where no longer hampered by their program to not kill their masters and wiped them out. The team came back to the city to save Jack O'neill and Richard Woosley. They stopped the Asurans with a massive wave breaking down their basic materials.

    Soon Michael showed up again now experimenting with genetic engineering wanting to make a new race to replace both the human and Wraith caring only for himself now.

    After a new earth ship the Apollo was created they began to attack Asuran cities but the Asurans fought back with a laser satellite and the team was forced to start the star drive and use a meteor to block the blast. However they had to drop the shield to save power but before they could get it back up the meteor floated past the beam and then the blast grazed the cit tower.

    Weir and many other where wounded and while the team was flying through hyper space they began to lose power and came out to fast before they got to a new planet and where lost in space. They soon saw the shield begin to fail and needed to make a dangerous mission to a Asuran planet for a ZPM. They healed Weir using Asuran nanites and then went to the planet and got the ZPM. While their they found they could reactivate the code that made them fight the Wraith but they had to leave Weir while she held them back.

    Samantha Carter was given the job of running the team while Weir was gone. John Sheppard later makes an ally from a woman named Larrin who leads a group of advanced humans called Travelers. Also the Athosians go missing from their home world and Teyla is revealed to be pregnant.

    Soon the team found that the Replicators chose to kill the Wraith by getting rid of their food supply and started killing humans. The team needed to stop and used Todd (A Wraith Sheppard met and found a shacky alliance.) to help them. Along with help from Larrin they massed an assault on the replicators. Using a basic model of a replicator stripped of its unique properties called Fran they sent a program to the Asurans that made their materials attract to Fran forming a giant mass that sank into the planet and destroyed their ZPMs. The blast destroyed the planet and the replicators.

    Michaels' Back

    Teyla later found out her people where taken by Michael and turned into Wraith/human hybrids and he wanted her unborn child for his research. He was also spreading the Hoffin drug to kill the Wraith. After a trip to the future Sheppard gained information to save Teyla and the Athosians. Richard Woosley was hired to replace Sam.

    The team later found Weir who was existing as pure data like the rest of Asurans in a failed attempt at ascension. However she had changed being with them and after gaining a replicator body she and the other had to be dumped in space because she felt they could not be trusted.

    Michael again came back hoping to finally get Teyla's son Torrin John. He captured the whole city but he couldn't get her to give him up even offering to keep him with her. She had to kill him to keep him away from her son.

    Atlantis Goes Home

    The city of Atlantis would later fight its hardest battle yet. After a signal was sent to the Wraith from an alternate dimension. They had the location of earth. With a new ship powered by a ZPM they tore through the earth fleets and almost made it to earth. The only hope earth had was to sneak aboard the ship and destroy it from the inside out. However they would not make it in time so Woosley powered the star drive and used an experimental hyper drive and took the city to earth. The city destroyed the ship and crashed on earth. (However thanks to the cloak and a cover story of a fire ball in the sky no one knew). The team decided to take a short break on earth before going back to Pegasus.


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